Pink or black?

I was shamelessly istening to a conversation between a mother and her young daughter the other day. The little girl was probably about four years old and her Mum was asking her opinion on a top she was considering buying.

“Shall I get it in the black or the pink, darling?”

“Pink, Mummy.”

“Really? Pink? Don’t you think I should get the black one?”

” No Mummy, pink.”

” I think “I’ll get the black.”

“Why, Mummy? The pink one is pretty.”

That was a question I was asking myself as well. Why do so many people lose that child like love of colour that we all seem to be born with?

What exactly is the age when we decide that camouflage suits us better than being bright and colourful?

I haven’t hit that age yet. It’s not unusual for me to go out looking a bit like an explosion in a paint factory but in all fairness, I was a colour and image consultant for ten years so I’m not a typical case and will probably always look a bit psychedelic  when it comes to colour.

Quite often when I’m out and about I get so depressed by all the drab and boring colours people seem to gravitate towards. The town centre is a positive sea of black, navy and grey. Even  dark brown seems to be a bit too radical for most people.

I wonder if it’s our climate that causes us to want to be surrounded by drab colours. I’m mean, just look at the work of Heironymous Bosch or H.R. Giger, both artists from the northern hemisphere, both have works of art that would scare that pants off you, dark, surreal, grim and frightening.

Caribbean people don’t have to put up with that sort of stuff. They use bright and vivid colours  in their art , clothes and homes that reflect the gorgeous climate they live in.   I definitely live in the wrong hemisphere. Sigh.

Yes, I know there are some swweeeeeeeping statements here but generally, you know what I mean, don’t you?

I’m just fed up because it’s still raining, I need sunshine!


Boofuls and me went to view a house this morning. Boofuls wasn’t that fussed about it but went along to humour me. It’s in a nearby village and  we’d both said recently that we quite fancied dipping our toes into rejoining society and moving into a village.  Mind you, I also said recently that I really didn’t want to move because I love it here and nothing we’d seen even came close to being as good.

Well, it does now!  The house we saw this morning is loads better than we expected. Even Boofuls, who wasn’t keen to go and look was blown away by it. That of course means that I need a buyer for this house PRONTO!!  So do me a favour and send out lots of positive vibes for a buyer for me.  Full asking price only, please. Thanks.


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