Thieving Bastids!!!!

Yet another wedding fair today, quite busy, busy enough to keep us going all day.

At one point we had quite the little crowd round our table, an excited group of people who were there for quite  a while.  All the time they were there they kept us quite occupied as they aked questions, holding our attention.

Shortly after they left we realised that our tiny and very popular ‘baby’ wedding album had gone missing.

Obviously we thought it had slipped under another album or been knocked off the table. After a very thorough search it became obvious that it had been knocked off all right, some bastard had stolen it!

I was livid, how dare someone walk off with our kit, we’ve worked bloody hard and paid a lot of money to get a decent display together!!

It turns out we weren’t the only ones, two other photographers  also had small albums stolen today. My guess it’s someone building a portfolio the easy way, by nicking it.

It leaves a nasty taste in the mouths of all the professionals there today who paid good money for their exhibition space and who have built their businesses on hard work and determination  just to have some  nasty little toerag build their tawdry, talentless, sleazy little business by using albums stolen from us.

It seemed to be a bit of a funny day today all round today.

Boofuls was deep in conversation with one couple as I was deep in conversation with another.

My antennae picked up when I saw the woman Boofuls was talking to taking rather too much interest in our professional handbook with information about albums in it. Normally we just give people a quick flash of it to show them the size of a parents album  or the show different album covers available but never hand it over.

Well and truly tuned in by this time and still seething from the album incident, my ears pricked up as they picked up odd snippets of conversation that didn’t seem to be what I’d expect from a typical punter.

It was only another photographer  pretending to be booking a wedding and pumping Boofuls for information about where we get our albums from!!!

Eventually she admitted what she was doing and then made a sharp exit when my less than impressed voice joined in the conversation. Do your own bloody research like I had to! Never mind pretending to be a potential client. Cheeky cow!!

What on earth happened to  business ethics, moral standards and professionalism?


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