That’s my kind of woman!!

I was idling away half an hour earlier, fingers strapped together and arm resting on a cushion due to my self inflicted tendonitis (and yet I’m still on the computer) when I read this story on the BBc news website.

It’s about a gang of robbers who were trying to smash a jeweller’s shop window with sledgehammers. The incident was being filmed by, presumably, a by passer, when in the distance a red coated old lady was seen running up the street towards the gang. She then launched herself into the fracas and  proceeded to set about them with her handbag.

The gang fled!  All that is except one member who fell off his moped in his panic and was pinned to the ground by other passers by who were obviously spurred into action by the red coated pensioner.

The bravery of some people is just breathtaking. I take my hat off to this woman. You are a true heroine.

Watch and enjoy a true superhero in action:


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