Budding Artist

While me and baby Bunting were in the studio the other day, Baby was being kept amused by pens and paper as normal. She loves to draw and it’s the quickest and easiest way I can find  of keeping her amused.

Once she’d drawn on all the available paper, my price lists and a  couple of bridal magazines I keep there to make the studio look welcoming she was getting a bit bored and looking for mischief, then she turned round and saw my paper roll backdrop.

“Oh!” She said. Her eyes lit up with delight. I could almost see her thinking, ‘Now THAT”S a piece of paper for drawing on.’   She dashed to the back of the studio as fast as her little legs would carry her to get her colouring pens and set about my backdrop. Luckily, I’d spotted the look of delight on her face and managed to catch her before the pens made contact. She wasn’t a bit impressed so I had to come up with a diversionary tactic a bit sharpish.

Being just like her Mum, it was an easy diversion and I’d just completed getting the camera and computer set up.

“Shall we some take pictures of you?”

Works every time! One delighted Baby posed and played up for the camera as happy as a sand boy.

Not much going on round here today. The rain and wind is back with a vengeance, we have a couple coming to see us this afternoon for a wedding consultation and that’s about it.  Ho hum.

It’s Lashes’ birthday today so happy birthday to her. How did my youngest child get to 23 so very quickly?

We’ve been kicking around some ideas for a photo shoot as we haven’t done one together for ages. I’m not giving away our ideas just yet but it should be a lot of fun and very different so watch this space.  I’ll be starting to get the props together this week for it and I have a bit of costume design to do as well. I’m quite excited really, I haven’t had a project for a while.

In an attempt to change my working processes and get rid of the tendonitis that has been plagueing me before it becomes a permanent problem, I have invested in a Magic Trackpad. It does away with the need for a mouse or for a pen tablet and stylus. What you do is use it like the control pad on a laptop and you use your fingers to scroll, click and swipe. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Up to now I’m not totally impressed with it. The click is way too stiff and requires too much pressure, that would cause joint problems on it’s own. Scrolling is a joke and using the lasso tool is almost impossible. I looked a bit like I was playing a symphony on a teeny, tiny  piano last night with the fingers of both hands while I was trying to make the selection. My advice is you’re thinking of buying one is: don’t.

Mine will be going back next week.

I’d probably give it another year and hopefully they will have evolved a bit and become easier to use.

When Boofuls and me go into the Apple Store it’s a bit like walking into wonderland. We walk round wide eyed gobsmacked. I think it should be compulsary for someone like me, a  reformed technophobe,  to go in their at least every three months just to keep up with what’s going on.  Technology moves on so fast it’s incredible. When I’m in there I turn into a proper geek. At least I’m not intimidated by it all like I used to be.

When we came to pay for the Trackpad, the assistant who’d been helping us said, “I’ll do it here for you.”  We looked around for a payment point, of which there was none, she just smiled at us, clearly enjoying our wide eyedness.

” I can do it right here.” She took a little payment jobbie from her pocket (ok nothing new there, I know restaurants have been doing that for ages but this one was tiny),  swiped the card, showed us our own email address and then said she’s send the receipt to it. Amazing!

Of course then I was worried that I had no receipt for the box that I’d just popped into a Selfridges bag. “I’ll print one out now for you”, she said whipping out her little machine again. While she looked at us as if she was humouring the pensioners. God. I feel so old in that shop!



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