Boring Sunday, busy Monday

As I predicted, yesterday was mind numbingly boring. With the weather as bad as it was there was no point going out, bezzie mate wasn’t at home so we couldn’t go there for a laugh and a catch up and having a wedding consultation booked in the middle of the day meant we couldn’t take ourselves off to Blackpool for a spot of dancing either. BORING!!

Most of the day was spent watching crap telly and advert avoidance. Is it just me or does anyone else think that we now have a ridiculous amount of advertising on tv?  I used to laugh at Boofuls when he’d shout “fookin adverts” at the telly, now I do it more than him!

I happened to notice the time when a prime time programme came back on after yet another advert break the other night. Guess how long it was before the next set came on. 7 MINUTES!!!  That’s 7 minutes of viewing time before 5 minutes of adverts. That’s ludicrous!

It completely spoils any programme we are watching. It’s very difficult to get immersed in a storyline when it’s  interrupted every few minutes. I really need to get into the habit of recording things so I can skip all the adverts.

Come to think of it, it’s probably as a result of Sky+ that we have so many adverts now, precisely because people can now skip them if they put a bit of forethought into their viewing. The price of progress, eh?

The plan for today is to go out with Lashes and Baby Bunting this morning, get a nice big composite picture designed for printing onto an acrylic for the next wedding fairs. I’d better get my finger out then, I’ve just realised the next fair is on Sunday. Yikes!

This afternoon, being Monday, I’ll be looking after Baby Bunting. Don’t know what we’ll do yet but at least it’s stopped raining so there is a fair chance we’ll be able to get out at least.  I get a bit stir crazy when I’m stuck indoors.

In addition to all that, it goes without saying that I’m going to be busy opening all the sacksful of Valentine cards that the postman will be bringing later and arranging all the flowers that the florist will be delivering – oh no, wait,  that’s only  in my dreams. Dammit.

Happy Valentine’s Day


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