Lashes asked me for copies of all the photos I have taken of her and for her over the last few years so I’ve been going through the archives.

How many photos?!? I couldn’t believe how many there are. It’s a long and arduous job but one I’m glad to be doing as all these photos need to be got off dvd’s, or dvdbees as Munki calls them, and onto a hard drive for safer storage.

I’ve only done a couple up to now. While I was doing them I have laughed and cried, often at the same time. So many memories, so many things we’d forgotten about. What a treasure trove. Here are my favourites from today’s batch of photos.


Lashes and her dance partner at the time.

First win!!  Actually, only win. It was just after this competition that she became pregnant with Munki so that was the end of the dancing.  For now.

make friends with

This was a project for college when I was doing my degree. We had to design an advertisement from scratch, shoot the images for it and then ‘post’ it on a billboard using the magic of photoshop. What a hoot.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Take a bunch of close friends and family, feed them, ply them with alchohol, put Bohemian Rhapsody on the karaoke machine and what do you get?  An outbreak of air guitar and headbanging!!  What a fantastic night that was.


Every time I see this it makes me smile, especially as Gembolina (out of the frame) and the chap lounging on the chair on the right just watched in amazement as all the oldies went nuts. Even Big N joined in!

Hahahaaaaaa  I’m still grinning from ear to ear while I’m looking at this photo. Fantastic. I think the occasion was my birthday party. It’ll be rolling round again in a couple of weeks. I think we might have a Caribbean theme at this year.


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