Onions and roses? Sir! yes sir!

Blimey!   Onions and roses for the same company within 24 hours? That’s good going.

I phoned Autoglass yesterday to come and fix a crack in my windscreen.  Filling in the form online I was impressed at how easy and quick the process was. Let’s call that a rose.

Half an hour later the phone rang and it was Gavin from Autoglass wanting to confirm when he could come and fill my crack with his special resin. Holy Moley!

He scared the bejaysus out of me! “Can you confirm your name? Address? Insurance details?”  He spat out the questions so fiercely I got in quite a panic. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that he was an ex employee of Guantanamo Bay. His interrogation technique was swift and sharp. So nervous was I that I  even stumbled over  stating my my own address. Let’s call that an onion.

In no time all, when he’d finished interroga… I mean confirming the details,  he suggested that I’d like an appointment other than the one I’d specified. I wasn’t going to argue with him and tell him I’d picked that time and date for a reason. intsead I squeaked a feeble, “Yes.” when he suggested an appointment today.

Since I had appointments at the studio today I said that it would be better if the repair was carried out there. He duly took the company name, address and postcode and he gave me a very vague time of some time between 12 and 5pm. Let’s call that another onion.

At 4.40  today Lashes phoned them, as I was being kept prisoner by a client (whole bunch of fooking onions for her!!!   That’s the client, not Lashes), to see where they were. “We’ll ring you back in a minute.”

At 4.55 I phone them, having finally got rid of the client who’d been chatting since 1.30. “I’ll find out what’s happened and ring you back in a minute.”  “We’ve been down that road already.” I said, totally unimpressed. Another onion.

Fair enough, I did get a return call within a couple of minutes to tell me that the ‘technician’ had been riding round all afternoon and had phoned me about 10 times to get directions but I wasn’t answering.  “Not true, my phone has been 2 feet away from me all afternoon, it hasn’t rung.” Guess what? That’s another onion.

The stoooopid man had been phoning my home phone while knowing full well that I wasn’t there because we’d arranged that he’d come to the studio. Durr.  Yet another onion.

Now, I’m no brain surgeon, in fact I’m a natural blonde but even I have to question the thought processes of a person who rings a home phone knowing that the person he is trying to get hold of is elsewhere. He had the company name and location, if he was lost and couldn’t get hold of me, well, here’s a thought …. phone the company!  Is it me or is that just common sense? Let’s call that a whole bunch of onions.

Big fail Autoglass. Gavin, you’re fired! Take your onions and get out!

On a nicer note:

A huge, fragrant rose goes to a close friend of ours who made me cry today. Yes, I know that would normally merit an onion but let me fill you in….

This particular friend has just been diagnosed with cancer. He started his treatment last week by having his blood cleaned and then having a platelet transfusion. As he was describing the process Boofuls mentioned that I was very familiar with it.

“Why’s that, love?”

So although I wasn’t going to mention it, I told him that I used to be a platelet donor before the Blood Transfusion Centre in Lancaster closed down.

He looked at me with tears in his eyes, leaned across and planted a big kiss on my cheek.

“Thank you, thank you. Without people like you, people like me have no chance.” Or something like that anyway, I was too busy wiping away my own tears to really hear.

It’s just part of my routine to pop along to regular blood donor sessions, I never question where the blood goes or what happens to it. I’ve  never witnessed  the consequences of my regular routine till today. I’ve never realised that  what I do actually can have a huge impact on the life of a stranger, or even possibly a friend or family member.

Once I had realised that the enormity of it, it really shocked me. Even now as I type I’m still filling up with tears.

I’m not telling you all this that you can say, ‘Ooh, that woman’s a saint, give her a medal.’ In fact, I’m a bit embarrassed by it.  I’m telling you this in the hope that if you aren’t already one, you might be inspired to become a donor yourself.


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