Gggggrrrrr frickin’ gggrrrrrrrrrrr

Onions and roses?

They don’t make onions big or nasty enough for Autoglass!!

What a bunch of tossers, ‘scuse my French!

After failing to turn up yesterday, I got  phone call this morning from them to rearrange the appointment. I gave them the studio phone number and confirmed all the details again.

THE STOOOOPID FRICKIN’ DUMBASS DRIVER has just phoned me ON MY HOME PHONE AGAIN  wanting to  confirm the address as he can’t find it. After being a bit terse with him because he rang the wrong number AGAIN, he read out the address he has and it bears no fooking resemblace to the one I gave them. Twice.

Even when I gave him the address and the phone number very s-l-o-w-l-y and c-l-e-a-r-l-y he still managed to get it wrong.


I’m madder than a mad thing, it’s a good job I’m at home while Boofuls has my car at work because I’d probably have a lot to say when Autoglass  finally arrives.


A minute chip in my windscreen really shouldn’t be causing so much aggravation.

Apparently Autoglass are in administration. I’m not bloody surprised.

Rant over. For now.


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