Another week, same old routine

So. How was your weekend? Good? Good.

The clingons came to stay on Friday night. That means we had to have a non stop entertainment programme in place to prevent boredom as they have the attention span of gnats.

We started with ‘make your own pizza’ for tea followed by karaoke, Wii, painting, drawing cartoons, making cards, dressing up, (clingon no. 2 managed to scare herself with the grim reaper costume she was wearing)photography, photoshopping (clingon no. 2 is an absolute natural at that, I think we have another photographer there), cuddles on the settee while watching telly and lots and lots of food.

Winter seems to be winning the battle for the seasons at the moment. Everything outside is covered in a thick layer of frost, it’s windy and oh so very cold.  I liked it better yesterday when it was warm, bright and sunny.

Not that we saw much of it as we were exhibiting at yet another wedding fair, the last one of this season for us. It would have been nice if it had been a  mad busy one but there were so many on all over the place yesterday that the best we could say about it is that it was steady. Oh well, we’ll decide how successful it was when people start phoning to book. Or not.

By the time we got home we were so tired we just slumped on the settee and watched rubbish telly till bedtime.

It’s no wonder we were knackered. It’s been a busy weekend.

Last week I went to see a medium. A friend phoned me to ask if I’d step in as her friend had pulled out. No need to ask me twice!!

Sitting down for my reading she gave me some cards to ‘handle, not shuffle”,  as I started to lay them out on the table she immediately gave me some information that she couldn’t possibly have known that stunned me.

To be honest, I’d have gone home happy after just that bit of evidence, it was so accurate. She went on and on and on with precise evidence. If I didn’t know better I’d swear she’d been stalking me.

Without doubt there are many charlatans out there who are very skilled at picking up clues from body language and things you’ve said. I’ve experienced a few of those. The most notable one being a con artist  Cardiff who wasn’t even a skilled a con artist she was just making wild guesses:

“Have you got  a child who stuggles to read?”


“Oh no, hang on , a child who’s  very gifted at reading.”

Tsk.  You tell me, you’re the medium. What a fool.

Anyway, back to this woman last week was amazing.  I said almost nothing, she did all the talking.

To top it all off, right at the end of the sitting she said to me,” Let’s see if we can get your mum, who’s May?”

She hadn’t even paused for breath before giving me Mum’s name.

I’d never said my Mum had passed away.

I know some people find this stuff frightening, some think its dabbling with the devil, I’ve had many a talk with various Jehovah’s Witnesses about it. I find it comforting.


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