Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Brum

I know, I know, it’s supposed to say ‘Bangor’  but we didn’t go to Bangor, we went to Birmingham. To the N.E.C to be exact and it was ace!!!!.

The reason?

Oh yes, that.

The reason was that it is photographers’  annual pilgrimage to the ‘Focus on Imaging’ show. It’s on for four days but we only went for the one day. Good job really as I was running round like a kid in a sweet shop spending money like it was going out of fashion while ever steady Boofuls interrogated a few people about finding a solution to the e -commerce issue we’re having at the moment.

Even though I had gone with the intention to only buy a new guillotine I ended up with a whole set of baby posing equipment for the studio and a new line in albums and a new way of displaying images and, and, and….. not only that but I managed to catch snippets of not one but two seminars (which we hadn’t booked) by the brilliant Joe Buissink. Damn, that man’s good!

Of course in addition to all that there was exhibition after exhibition of jaw droppingly good imagery. I spent most of my time there walking round looking like I was trying to catch flies.

My head twisted this way and that  trying to get a better look at things as we walked along, trying to keep to our agenda. Boofuls held on to my hand to stop me wandering off as I became distracted. He really could have done to have used one of those wrist straps they put on two year olds.

We eventually left about two hours later than intended, just in time for all the rush hour traffic, it made for a long journey home but it was worth it. I can’t  wait for next year!

Mrs Woofy has now successfully come through another season without getting ‘up the duff’, so it’s back to the dog training routine for us. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed it till we went back. Monday night saw her shaking with excitement as I tried to make her wait at the first jump to start the agility course.

The poor dog couldn’t keep her backside on the floor,  she was so excited.  Eventually, after waiting about 3 seconds,he couldn’t stand it any longer,  gave in and  bolted.

Over, under, through, across and round every piece of equipment on the course she went, stopped for a quick munch on some horse poo and then came back to me and sat in her starting position, good as gold as if to say,  ‘I’m ready to start now.’ Then she went on to complete a perfect round.

If only the same could be said of her trainer (hangs head in shame). Sigh. Every single time I missed a jump out or guided her the wrong way round the course. The dog didn’t put a foot wrong and did exactly as I told her. If only I wasn’t quite so blonde….

I’ve been playing around with the new apps on my phone,  here are the latest offerings:

St Lucia Reduit Beach

Ok, I didn’t take this one this week, it’s one I’ve had on my phone for a while.  This is where me and Boofuls should have renewed our vows. I don’t know why I keep it on my phone but I do and look at it regularly.

There was a programme on tv the other night called ‘Caribbean Patrol’ and it was about how the Royal Navy arrived at St Lucia at exactly the same time as we should have been there, just after hurricane Tomas had hit. The programme showed the devastation and the suffering caused to the people of the island.

We were devastated about not being able to renew our vows as planned. Years of planning and saving gone just like that.

Seeing what the islanders had to endure, the loss of homes, live and livelihoods put it all into perspective for me. On the scale of things or loss was nothing, now it’s time for me to be thankful for what I have and stop moaning. And on that note, here’s the gratitude dance. Make sure you join in now:

Now don’t you feel better after that?

Here are the rest of the photos for you:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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