The first day of spring

Ok, I know it’s the second day of spring, and clingon no. 2’s birthday, but this story is about yesterday.

In winter I park my car right at the front door – for three reasons;

1. It’s bloody cold and windy up here in winter and I want to be in the house as soon as possible.

2. I’m an idle sod.

3. We can’t enjoy the spectacular views across the valley when the curtains are shut and it’s dark so I might as well, after all, I’m not spoiling the view, am I?

In summer it’s a different story, the car is tucked away down the side of the house so we can sit out and enjoy  uninterrupted views across the moors.

This view: It’s not bad is it?

sunny field

I was so chuffed when it got chosen for the front cover of this magazine:

bbe inspired

Anyway, back to the plot:

The car was parked up on the drive right in front of the patio doors. Two or three little blue tits were flying about, landing on the bush nearby and then flying to the wing mirror of my car. Clearly thinking that they were seeing off a rival bird they pecked and flapped away furiously. It waa hysterical to watch and it went on for about half an hour.

That’s when I had the bright idea of setting up my camera on a tripod. Of course the birds flew away when the noticed the movement inside the house but I wasn’t concerned, I knew they’d be back.

All day I waited, there was no sign of them.  Bloody birds.

I left the tripod and camera set up for the following morning.

Still no sign. How odd.  I put food out for them and waited…………still no sign.

Eventually I went upstairs to have my shower and there on the landing in front of me were two very innocent looking cats and half a deceased bird!!!  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Here’s a  lovely spring photo of a blue tit  I didn’t get,  courtesy  of the Heaton Trust:

blue tit source:

Did you see the big moon the other night?

On March 19, 2011 the Moon  passed by Earth at a distance of 221,567  miles – the closest pass in 18 years.

Were you expecting it to be massive?

Yes, so was I.

Thinking it was going to something spectacular we ( Me Boofuls, Litllesis and Litllesis’s latest squeeze) kept dashing outside for a look. Every two minutes one of us went out to watch for this ‘supermoon’ coming over the horizon.

As soon as it did, I jumped up onto the car to get a bit more height (all the better to see you with) and shot a few pictures on my phone.

Yes, I know that’s just lazy but we’d had a very heavy weekend and I didn’t want to be lugging stuff around, setting up tripods, hiking to the best spot on the moors and generally making a production of it as there are sooooo many people who can do that far better than I can.

So here’s my phone offering of the big moon:

Big moon behind trees

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