Did my eyes deceive me?

Surfing the channerl guide on tv late last night after a teeny gin and tonic, much needed after late night dog training, I can tell you.

While I was surfing  I saw yet another programme about the talentless and attention seeking  but oh so media savvy, Katie Price.

Yawn, move on, I thought. Then just as I flicked onto the next page I thought I read: ‘Katie, bustier than ever.’  Bustier than ever? Classy.

Now I know that those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones but at least my chesticles are God given.  “Tsk, anther boob job, is the woman totally brainless?  Then through my gin generated fog I thought, ‘ Bustier than ever? That can’t be right, I must have misread.

I had.

‘Katie; busier than ever.’  Durrr. More gin, please.


Up with the larks this morning.

Actually, up with the owls as well thanks to Boofuls  practising the new sport of extreme snoring. Having gently and in a ladylike way suggested to him  that he might like to continue snoring in the spare room he left me to slumber in peace. Or so I thought.

Of course, Boofuls being Boofuls doesn’t just go and climb into the spare room bed. Oh no no no. That’s far too simple.  First he has to well and truly wake himself up, have at least two cups of tea, smoke a few cigarettes, go on the computer for a while and then the bugger climbs back in to bed with me to  only disturb my sleep all over again.

The man has absolutely no survival instinct!

Mrs Woofy stays with us on Thursday night as training finishes so late. We’ll be going into the advanced class soon and that’s even later. Not sure how I’ll cope with that one but anyway.

Mrs Woofy was bounding around desperate to get out and it’s another gorgeous day so by 7.30 we were  making our way to the nearest woods for a brisk walk. What a brilliant way to start the day. The sun shone, the birds tweetled, we were far enough away from any road that there was no traffic noise.  All in all it was a nice hours commune with nature.  Do you want to see my photos?

Close your eyes if you don’t because here they are. Not all from this morning they have been taken over the last few days.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ask me about the tree with the flowers. It’s all very odd.





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