Friday Night Dinner

Friday night is my favourite night of the week at the moment.  It won’t be in a few weeks when the wedding season is well under way.

Then Friday night will be a round of checking and double checking camera equipment, reading and memorising names from wedding booking forms, pre wedding adrenalin kicking in about 12 hours early, pacing the floor and absolutely no alchohol.  You’d think after all these years I’d be a bit more blase about it all.

Now though, Friday night is the start of the weekend, time to wind down, have a couple of drinkies and watch my favourite television programme of the moment, Friday Night Dinner.

It leaves me in a quivering heap of teary eyed paroxysms of laughter. I haven’t recovered from one bout of laughing when the next one starts. I only have to think about it and I start again.  Last nights episode very nearly caused me to have a heart attack. Mostly because I recognise traits of our own family in it. Cringeworthy and brilliant at the same time.

What’s really funny though is that while it hits my funny bone spot on every time, it misses Boofuls’ by a country mile. He sits there looking at me with a bemused expression on his face wondering what the hell I’m finding so funny. Which of course makes it even funnier.

While I was guffawing away at the telly, Boofuls was  being very enthusiastic in the barman department last night.  He does make a darn good gin and tonic, very moreish. The down side of these moreish g’s and t’s was of course was the queazy stomach and banging head I was nursing this morning.

Shame I had two clients booked in this morning. One of them was the most indecisive woman in the world, it  took her an hour and a half to pick her photos. I’d allowed her extra time because I know she is a bit of a ditherer but even with her longer appointment she wasn’t finished before the next client arrived.

Resisting the urge to tell her to stop buggering about and get on with it I gently coaxed her into making a decision while empathising with her husband who looked like he’d lost the will to live.

Eventually, both clients went home happy and I went home to a couple of paracetamol and a darkened room.

Probably better if I mix my own drinks in future. Uuuuuurrrrgghhh.

Here are a few photos from this morning’s viewing:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love the retro basket one, it reminds me of the old test card on tv.

I don’t know why because it looks nothing like it!


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