How not to start the day

Shuffling bleary eyed  into the home office in my dressing gown and slippers with my cup of hot water with lemon in my hand, as normal I plopped myself down at my computer this morning  to see what’s going on in the world.

‘I wonder what those new galleries look like on the website?’ I thought.   We’ve been having a lot of work done getting password protected galleries on the website and Boofuls has been working really hard to make it all happen.  I however, have been getting more and more frustrated with PayPal and setting up the bank account. I’m not terribly good at going round in circles and that seems to be all it wants to do.  Gggrrrr.

Logging on to the website and navigating through to the galleries page, I nearly choked on my hot water. it really isn’t nice when you snort your drink and it goes up your nose. I stared goggle eyed and shocked at the computer screen while hot water and lemon ran down my nose and chin.

The website chappie in his infinite wisdom had only decided to create a test gallery and used another photographer’s image to do it!!! Not only that, he’d even put our watermark on it!!  Jesus!! Get me sued, why don’t you.?

It wasn’t even a good photo. I wouldn’t have minded so much if he’d plagiarised a good photo but he’d plagiarised a bag of shit! So get me sued for a bag of shit, why don’t you?

Apopleptic, I snatched up the phone and rang Boofuls at work. Well, eventually I rang Boofuls at work. The first time I just pressed redial which turned out to be 1471.  The second time I misdialled but caught it before I’d finished dialling. Thank God, the last thing I would have wanted is to grovel to some irate stranger for disturbing them first thing in the morning.

Boofuls of course in his normal calm manner removed the photo  and calmed me down with soothing words and peace was restored.


Last night, after another day of implementing operation TLC, me and Boofuls went to our latest favourite restaurant.  Now we’ve been in a few times the staff have gone from being coolly polite to being over the top friendly.

After we’d finished our dinner last night, ( sea bass, very nice ) the waiter attacked us with a barrage of questions about our careers, where we worked, where we live, how much money we make.    I suppose that means we’re part of the family now.

It’ll be time to find a new favourite restaurant soon. In my experience, this kind of thing only escalates.  A bit of  chit chat at the beginning or the end of a meal is fine but ten minutes of interrogation at the end of my day when I want to relax with Boofuls isn’t my idea of an evening out. Does that make me a horrible person?

They do make damn fine food though.






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