Ninja Terrorist Cat

Well, what a surprise!  It would appear that my little cat, Cookingfat i.e. this little fella:

Ninja Terrorist Cat

moonlights as a Ninja terrorist cat.

The clingons got up this morning full of complaints that the cat forced his way into their bedroom against their will, violently resisted all attempts to remove him and they were left with no option but to let him sleep on the bed with them, “And he was a nuisance!”

“How many times have I told you that if you leave the door open he’ll come in.”

“It was shut, honestly.”

“You left the door open.”

“We didn’t.”

“So let me get this right.  The cat leapt up to the door handle, pushed down the handle and at the same time pushed the door open with his little ninja paws while hovering in slow motion 3 feet in the air wearing a black outfit and a mask screaming HAAAAAI-YA?”

“Well, we couldn’t get him to go out and the door was definitely closed.”

Riiiiiiiiiiiight.  So it’s a case of the cat got the better of  not one but two humans by bullying them and refusing to leave after breaking and entering their bedroom.

Or maybe………just a bit of………….Oh yes, there it is, can you smell it?

Let’s move on.

Being Mother’s day today I got a nice little round of pressies and cards, thank you all very much.  Big N started the day off nicely with a bottle of sparkling rose.

The Rev and Gembolina came up later with a beautiful little white kalanchoe and tiny teddy combo.

Mother's Day gift and card

Later still in the day Len and Lashes came up to visit with  a beautiful red kalanchoe.

Munki of course decided that she wanted to play with tiny ted. “What’s teddy called, then? I asked her.  She looked at me wide eyed for a minute and then decided that it should be called, ‘Panda.’   Panda, eh?   Not feeling that vibe myself  but it’s innovative, unconventional and challenging, I like that in a name, and who am I to argue?

” So. Is Panda a boy or a girl?”  Quick as a flash she replied,  “it’s a girlyboy.”


Sharp, very sharp, she’ll go far, that one.


2 thoughts on “Ninja Terrorist Cat”

    1. Hi Nicole,

      He’s not a bad looker is he? What he lacks in brains he makes up for in looks. He’s a ragdoll cat called Java, we named him after a coffee bean when we got him as a kitten 11 years ago

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