The Clingons have invaded!

Twice in one week they’ve stayed over. Aaaarrrggh, Clingon attack!  Somehow or other we seem to have ended up with Mrs Woofy as well.

So, what do you do with two clingons and a dog?

Take ’em on a looooong walk of course.

walk in the woods

While we were out in the woods we were lucky enough to see two deer running through the trees. Well, me and Dangerous did, Batty didn’t, which damn near broke my heart.

Dangerous managed to get knocked straight off her feet by Mrs Woofy and a doggy friend she made on our walk.  They raced round and round in circles not watching where they were going and careered straight into Dangerous who went flying through the air like a skittle. So funny to watch, I don’t think the dogs even noticed.

Anyway, we climbed, scrambled, waded and sploshed through the woods for and hour and a half. They were too knackered to walk up the hill back to home, even the dog had run out of steam so I phoned Boofuls to collect us. Shame he didn’t hear his phone. The poor kids plodded up the hill and flopped in a heap on the settee when we got in.

Recovery time was about two minutes. As soon as I said that ‘HOP’ was on at the cinema but we’d have to leave in a few minutes they were on their feet and raring to go.

Have you been to the cinema recently? How expensive??!!  I’ll tell you how expensive. £47!!!!  I nearly dropped through the floor!  That was for two adults, two kids 4 hotdogs and 4 regular Cokes.  The regular Cokes, incidentally turned out to be medium sized buckets of the stuff.

Luckily we had the £25 gift voucher I got for my birthday from Len’s lovely Mum.

Of course Dangerous, who hardly drinks anything, left most of hers, as did me and Boofuls. You’d pee for England after drinking that lot!  What a waste of money. What ridiculously huge drinks at a ridiculously huge price. Give me a normal portion at a normal price anyday.

The film was fun, though.

Put it down to my hormones if you like but I’ve been even more forgetful than normal this week.

Yesterday I went to the utility room to get meat out the freezer for today, while I was there I put the washing machine on but forgot the meat.

Went back in the utility room to get the meat but got distracted by something else (I’ve forgotten what, haha) and came back out.

Then I came in the office to get my glasses, picked up my fleece and walked out sans glasses.

That was all in the space of two minutes. I worry about myself sometimes, the marbles seem to have buggered off.

Changing the bed in the spare room ready for the clingons arrival, I threw, as is my wont, an armful of washing down the stairs. Pity I didn’t notice that Boofuls was walking  upstairs at the time, He ended up with a faceful of pillow cases, sheets and grubby underpinnings.  Fair to say he wasn’t totally impressed.  Oops.

Right. It’s time to stop chuffing about and get on with a bit of work before the Clingons wake up.  Happy Mother’s Day. Hope you enjoy it.


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