Ghost. The Musical

Bit of a weird day yesterday.

Is it too ironic that we went to a funeral in the morning and went to see Ghost, the Musical in the evening?

To be honest, had the tickets not already been booked I think we would have preferred to stay at home and reminisce but booked it was so we gave ourselves a shake and got on with it. The tickets were a birthday pressie from Boofuls and I’d really been looking forward to it so wild horses wouldn’t have kept me away.

The theatre, the Opera House in Manchester, was packed except for one aisle seat next to Boofuls.  the temperature was about 5000 degrees and and the excitement was palpable. A group of people including what sounded like  Americans   (Canadians? ) were sat directly in front of us. The only reason I noticed them was that they seemed particularly excitable, switching places, arranging clothing and generally  a bit more hyped than everyone else who just sat fanning themselves with whatever came to hand.

A couple of minutes before the show started a man came and sat in the spare seat next to Boofuls. After a quick grimace of, ‘Oh well, no stretching our for me tonight.’ we noticed the man chatting with the Americans in front. Then he turned to Boofuls and introduced himself.

It was only Oscar winning Bruce Joel Rubin who wrote the original screenplay for the film, Ghost!  He told us that he’d been working on the stage show for five years and that one of the men in front of us was the director, Mathew Warchus  ( I think, I might have that bit wrong but he was an important bod) and the couple with him were the parents of the female lead.

Did that affect our enjoyment of the show at all? You bet your sweet bippy it did!

I was totally star struck. When it was announced at the end of the show who was sitting in the audience RIGHT NEXT TO US  I basked in their reflected limelight and almost took a bow with them.  People were glancing at us as if to say,”Are you with them?’  I’d  glance back with a smirk, ‘Oh yeah – we shook hands y’know.’

Oooh I shall dine out on this forever!

So. The show.

Now I’ve got all the other stuff out of my system.

WOW!!!  I mean like….WOW!!  Not an unqualified wow though.

The iconic scene with the potter’s wheel (you know the one, the one that made you cry ) didn’t really work on the stage. It just looked a bit like he was groping her from behind. probably not the effect they were trying to achieve but it made me snigger like a 14 year old boy for a minute (should I really be admitting that?).

The other bit that didn’t particularly work for me, and later I found out for Boofuls either, was the character of the ghost on the train.  You know, the angry one who throws things around. Not really believable. There was no suspension of disbelief at all, in fact. Shame.

Having said that, the special effects are STUNNING. We would watch something amazing and sit there thinking;  ‘How the  f………….WHAT?!!?’  Then the plot would grip us again before once again making us sit up and go, ‘Whaaaaaa?’

I don’t want to give away details in case you go and see it and I’d hate to ruin it for you.

It’s being trialled  in Manchester and it’s on for another seven weeks. Apparently it opened here first  so they can iron out all the glitches on we Northern peasants who don’t know any better before they take it to a proper audience in London.

I was a bit peeved when that little snippet of information fell in to my lap but never mind, we’ll let that pass as it was such a good show.


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