The calm before the storm

So here we are on Wednesday already.

It’s DIL’s Grandma’s funeral today. Boofuls and me made the decision not to go, invited as we were, as we’d have felt a bit intrusive.

Good job we did make that decision really as clingon No.1 has worried and fretted about it all so much that she’s actually made herself ill.  So now she and clingon No 2 will be spending the day with me.

My plan is to get some flowers from the garden and  go to the local garden of remembrance at the same time as the funeral is on, they can have their own quiet moment of reflection there and lay the flowers in her memory.

Hopefully then they will feel like they have paid their respects but won’t feel the stress and overwhelming emotion they’d have felt at the actual funeral.

Right, I’d better stop chuffing about on here and get on with some work before they arrive. Sorry for yet another glum post.


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