I’ve got a dent in my leg

I’ve got a dent in my leg!

I discovered it some time ago and didn’t really think too much about it till recently when I began to question how it got there.

Too much chuffing around at my computer, that’s how.

It suddenly occurred to me that I tend to sit sideways when I’m working and the chair arm digs into my leg.  The chair arm fits the dent in my leg as perfectly as Cinderella fits her glass slipper so it has have come from there.

Flippin’ ‘eck!  First it was my hand, now it’s my leg.   That means I have to make more changes to my work environment.

By the time I’ve finished making all the changes to my working environment to avoid strains, stresses, injuries and dents I’ll almost be an occupational therapist! Which reminds me about a woman I know who is a Bowen therapist but refuses to use the word therapist as it breaks down into ‘the rapist.’ Silly bugger, get a life.

In addition to my dented leg I also apparently have a saggy bottom, flabby knees and high ankles according to our dance teacher. Gee, thanks, John.

We spent the whole of our hours lesson this morning dancing the same 20 steps, a useful practice  group in the foxtrot called the 5 feathers. I couldn’t find just a five feathers group  to watch  so I found you a stunning competition foxtrot to watch instead. I was mesmerised.  For my money it would have been the one in black or the one in gold who should have won, closely followed by the one in red. I don’t know who did win but,  oh!

The footwork! The stride! The head! The poise! The musicality!

It’s not a bad piece of music either. Enjoy.

Sigh.  I can only aspire to that. Ok, I know what John means, maybe I should just hang up my dance shoes and hang my head in shame.


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