Little acts of kindness

Some days you’re up and some days you’re down. Some days you’re both  – even at the same time, as daft as that seems.

Today’s been one of those days. Things that shouldn’t get to me have done and in a big way. A thoughtless and hurtful comment made weeks ago by someone who should know better has been preying on my mind today.

It’s been one of those days when I’ve just been feeling a bit sorry for myself, I’m over it now so need need to tell me to get over myself. I’m putting it all down to my hormones.

You can get away with anything if you blame your hormones, no man in the world will tackle that one!!

The self pity and  general ‘I feel sorry for me’ feelings  I’ve been wallowing  this week have been well and truly tempered by the actions of a couple of thoughtful people who have carried out random acts of kindness this week and have mostly restored my faith in human nature.

The first one was a couple of days ago when I came home to find a small, tied up in a knot, carrier bag in the plant pot by the front door. “Ooh, what’s this?” I thought as I picked it up.

It turned out to be two lovely goose eggs, left as gift by….someone. I assumed it was our nearest neighbour so I sent her a quick text to say thanks.  No reply.

I saw her last night as we go to dog training together. “Thanks for the goose eggs, did you get my text?” “Yes, but it wasn’t me, it was Derek, he left me some as well.”

How lovely is that? No waiting for thanks, no expectation of anything in return just a small gift for the sake of it. I was really touched. We have some lovely neighbours ( and a batty one and a  miserable sod who could start an argument in an empty room).

Then came today, and another two little acts of kindness. First was Lashes who decided to treat me to lunch out, just because she could. We didn’t go anywhere amazing, it was only Maccie D’s but that’s beside the point.

While we were sitting  getting Munki organised with her food and drink, she must have bitten the inside of her mouth or something because she suddenly started to howl. The tears poured down her face and she was too upset to say what was wrong.

A little chap (actually, tiny chap) with obvious learning difficulties who worked there stopped what he was doing and came over with a concerned face to ask what was wrong.

“We’re not sure yet, we think she may have bitten herself.”  He tried to engage the baby in conversation for a minute and she watched him while she cried. After a minute he went away and came back with a balloon.

The tears stopped as if by magic!  The chap stayed and chatted for a few minutes, he asked all our names. “Did you go to the music festival last year?”  he asked. “I didn’t see you there.”   Aaaawwww  bless.

“No, we must have missed each other, there were lots of people there.”

After that he carried on with his work and we really thought no more about him but as we left he held the door open for us and said goodbye, even using our names. I was so impressed!

Many an employee could learn a lot from that chap, he really made our day.



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