I’m sorry, I got a bit distracted

This post was actually started about half an hour ago but I heard my email inbox ping so I went for a look.  Ooohhhh!!

We, by ‘we’ I mean of course, Boofuls,  set up e-commerce on the website a couple of weeks ago and it’s working!!  How exciting!  There has been a higher than normal number of print orders coming through and I like it!!  *Sings and does the happy dance*

Happy days are here again!

So. Where was I before I was rudely distracted by the sound of money dropping into my bank account?

Ah yes, Tinkerbelle86. I was reading her blog the other day, tinkerbelle86’s blog.

She’s decided to participate in the postaday challenge. Somehow she  manages to post really good, funny posts about something every single day, not just fill it up with crap like I did  before I fell by the wayside and decided to go at the steadier pace of one a week.

Earlier this week she had been chatting about a programme called ‘Don’t tell the Bride.’A reality tv show where the groom arranges the whole wedding in a short space of time while the bride is dispatched off somewhere to fret, visit her dream venue and try on her dream dress in the sure knowledge that she’s getting neither.

Tinkerbelle mentioned that she was an episode where the groom had arranged for an owl to swoop down with the rings and drop them at the feet of the officiant. Turns out the bride and her Mum were terrified of birds. I didn’t see that one but I’m sure it made brilliant tv.

It did make me wonder how anyone can get that far into a relationship without realising that their partner has a major phobia. Especially one that involves birds since they’re all over the place.

I can tell you that Boofuls knew about my fear of daddy-longlegs (shivering at the very thought of them) within a very short time of knowing me. I’m not sure he realised how powerful a fear it was until he dangled one in front of my face and I ran away crying.

As a child I remember a very vivid dream where I was in a room with hundreds of thousands of them all flying around me, stuck in my hair, crawling over my face……….. I’m going to stop this description new because I’m feeling very uncomfortable even writing about it. You get the idea though.

I don’t know if my fear comes from the dream or vice versa, either way it has stayed with me for several decades.

Still, at least Boofuls didn’t try and get one to fly down the aisle carrying our rings.

Several years ago for Boofuls’ birthday  I arranged for us to go on a wine tasting weekend in. It was a brilliant, late summer, warm and balmy weekend. We had a fantastic time, met some nice people and we turned into proper wine snobs for a while as a result of it. We’re over it now, thanks.

One evening, the sherry tasting evening,  it was  particularly warm and while we stopped for a short break the tutor decided to open all the windows. MISTAKE!!!  He also left all the lights on so every daddy-long legs in a 300 mile radius headed straight for that room. Oh Dear. God. There must have been 30 of them in there.

They danced up and down the table with their stupid long legs, flew round our heads, of course they went straight for me. I sat, petrified, not wanting to make a fuss but very upset, flinching and on the verge of tears. Everyone could see how distressed I was.

The final straw came when the tutor turned on the OHP and one of them flew under the light. AAAARRRGGGHHH! There it was on the screen, a bloody 18 inch high daddy-long legs!!

That was it for me. I fled the scene in tears. Boofuls came after me and after establishing that I was ok with it he went back in.

I  spent the rest of the evening in my room feeling very stupid.  Boofuls, bless him saved all the sherries and tasting notes so I didn’t miss out.

So, there it is. That’s my phobia. What’s your?


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