Obviously I don’t want to pay for that

Well, jog on then, Mrs.

Cheeky bloody clients!!

This is the same one who suggested that she would only pay half of my fee in case I didn’t turn up to photograph her daughter’s wedding, I was very, very upset about having my integrity questioned.

She wanted the colour changing on the grey suit that a guest turned up in and pink chairs at the wedding turning to red because they didn’t match the colour scheme. She’s  now ordered prints, changed her mind, altered the order twice, wants editing work done  but” If I have to pay for it I won’t bother.”

Well don’t bother then.

Why don’t I just lie down and let you pee on me?

Pppssssht, she’d only complain that she got her feet wet and send me the bill for cleaning.

Gggggrrr bloody gggrrrr!!!  I’m fizzing!!!!!!!

She makes Mrs Fussyknickers look positively laid back.

Does she think I spend all day twiddling my bloody thumbs? Does she not realise I’m running a business and not a charity? Yeah, I love doing loads of work for free. NOT!

Rant over.

I’ve noticed over the last week that the blog stats have gone through the roof. An unprecedented number of people have been dropping by for a look. Welcome to all of you.

I’d love to think that it’s my writing that’s drawing everyone in but it’s not. It’s that little Youtube clip of Mrs brown that I posted last week.

Gutted for me.  :-/

I didn’t think for one minute it would attract that much attention.

Opinion among friends and family has been divided. Some (me included) think it’s hilarious, others find it offensive or just plain stupid. Isn’t it funny how different things press different peoples’ buttons?

What do you think?


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