Lots to do

The last few days have been so very busy I’ve been meeting myself coming back!

Every time I think, ‘Once that’s finished it’ll all calm down again’ then something else pops up to jump in.

Yesterday was particularly stressy, poor Munki hardly got the best of me during our Monday time together as I was trying to print album pages.  10.30 last night I finished work.  If  this carries on I’ll be needing an assistant.

It’ll be head down and crack on again today and with a bit of luck I’ll have it all finished by Easter, and then I’ll collapse in a heap and sleep the four days away. That’s ok though since, courtesy of William and Kate we have another holiday to look forward to. Thanks!

So. Plan for today. More of the same. It’ll be much harder today as the sun is shining and I’m itching to get the dog out for a good old yomp on the moors.

Right. To work!


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