Take me to Cuba!

The Argentine tango workshop was every bit as good as I thought it would be, and much better.

We spent half the afternoon clinging on to each other in a very strange fashion while  I occasionally cleaned my  shoes on the back of Boofuls legs while he occasionally decided to flick his legs about like he had a severe twitch. It’s so very different from anything we’ve danced in the past. I don’t think I’ve done with that dance yet.

The other half of the afternoon was spent dancing the salsa, Boofuls’ nemesis. He hates it. Psychologically he’s much better suited to the tango. Light hearted backside wiggling isn’t for him. me however, I love everything about it, especially the music. I’d swear I was Latina in a previous life.

Here’s a clip of the Argentine tango as a bank holiday Monday treat for you. It’s not me and Boofuls, I can only aspire to this:

After that of course the rest of the day was a bit of a non event. We didn’t get any extra practice in.  Boofuls has now not only hurt his back but also twisted his ankle yesterday evening while he was building the wall for the pergola. I’m not sure he’s cut out to be a builder, he’s a danger to himself.

While he and Big N were down in the garden doing manly stuff, me and Lashes were sipping coffee and being entertained by Munki.

Ha ha!! Upstaged by a noodle!


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