Booked it, Packed it…..

Booked it. packed it but not f**ked off yet. Not till January.

Ten points to you if you know where the comment above comes from. Answers on a postcard, please.

So finally The Big Adventure is underway. I’ve booked the hotel in Abisko in northern Sweden for January for our northern lights trip. WOOHOO!!!

Now all I need to do is work out how to get to a smallish town in northern Sweden in the middle of winter. I think I’ve worked out it’s going to take a minimum of two planes and two trains to get there. It isn’t going to be an easy trip this but if it goes according to plan it will be one of the most exciting we’ve ever done and I can’t wait.

Boofuls and me decided against a night in the Ice Hotel.

We discovered that the bathroom facilities are located in the main hotel, which does make sense, I suppose. It might be tricky flushing a toilet made of ice.  Then I realised with that kind of cold and our age we were likely to be up and down all night!

I didn’t fancy walking backwards and forwards to the main hotel all night so we decided to do a daytime tour instead.

Ah, the stuff you learn when you research these trips.

So other than that have I got any exciting news? Nah.

It’s been surprisingly quiet round here this week so I’ll be back when I’ve something interesting to tell you.

Have a nice Sunday.

Garlic bread?  Garlic……..? Bread…….?



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