BORED! boredboredboredboredyboredbored

Or as my Mum used to say, “Only boring people get bored.”


Well, in that case. It’s very quiet round here and I’m struggling to find things to keep me occupied. I feel like I’m just waiting for everything to start next month. Then I’ll be yearning for some respite from it all.

I found some old photos:

Ok, this first one isn’t old. It’s Boofuls and one of our neighbours  on Tuesday night trying to work out how to sent a number to another phone. Funny.


Next is a photo of me years ago when I was an image consultant demonstrating at our annual conference ‘The Briefcase Trick’ or “How to pack for a week’s holiday into a briefcase.’ It does work, try it.

Briefcase trick

Next is a photo of our me with our first grandchild just a few hours old.  Little did we know that later that day she would be moved to the special care unit and stay there for six weeks. Traumatic times.

Newborn baby and proud grandmother
Fun in the swimming pool

This is Boofuls, Lashes, Bezzie mate and her hubby on a holiday in France, at our friend’s gites to be exact. Such a fantastic holiday. We didn’t stop laughing all the time we were there and it wasn’t just because of the ridiculous amounts of Kir Royale we got through.

There are more photos but I’ll drip feed them to you over the next few weeks so you don’t lose the will to live.

It hasn’t been boring for Len ‘the car wrecker’ and Lashes this week.

Len set off for work the other day, a good 45 min journey. About ten minutes into it the brakes on his car fell off. Yup. You read that correctly. Fell off.

Managing to limp back home, they decided the best course of action would be to put him on to Lashes’ insurance so he could set off  to work again in her car. Got to work, no problem.

On the way home from work, only half a mile or so from where he had the morning mishap, the  clutch went. Bloody hell, you couldn’t make it up!

Boofuls and The Rev set off with a big car and a tow rope to bring the undrive-able car home. So. How’s Len getting to work now then?


Oh God. I know that tone. “Yes dear?”

“I could drive your car.”



“We’ll put him on our insurance so he can take Dad’s car.”

Such a good idea except that Len is under 25 and the online insurance company just laughed and slammed the virtual door in his virtual face.



“You’re not busy tomorrow, are you?”

So that’s how I came to be driving to Rochdale and back twice in one day. The intervening hours were spent with Lashes and Munki.

Munki seemed to have been possessed by the Devil. She lay on the floor in a shop screaming at the top of her lungs after being gently told that whipping away a changing room curtain while a stranger was standing there in her grundies was not acceptable behaviour.

While her head wasn’t quite spinning round on her shoulders and the vomit wasn’t spewing froth in a mighty stream from her mouth ( the baby, not the stranger) she was most definitely ‘on one’. Terrible two’s isn’t in it. I’m not even going to tell you about her behaviour in Pizza Hut where we nipped in for a sneaky lunch. Suffice to say I apologised profusely to the people at the next table. Bloody waiter bringing a  bloody balloon before she’d finished eating. Oh. Dear. God, so much screaming.

I wasn’t bored then, more shell shocked, as was everyone else within a half mile vicinity.

I’ve decided that I’m most definitely bored with waiting for the decorator. We still haven’t got a quote from him and I’m fed up waiting now so I’m doing it myself. Especially now that I know my friend from France is coming to visit next week. YAAAAAYY!

Still on a mission to spruce up our house a bit I was looking for bedroom wallpaper today and I found some amazing sparkly paper. Sparkly wallpaper! I love it!!

Ok, so maybe I’m not that bored after all.


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