The search for the Holy Grail continues

Well, actually, not really the holy grail, just a new mug for Boofuls.

He’s decided that the cup he uses at work is too big and heavy, he wants something with a little bit more finesse than a builders mug. Which reminds me, what is it about Starbucks and their ridiculously gruesome coffee mugs. I’m not a navvy and I want to enjoy my coffee in a nice mug not a horrible, ugly, bucket style builder’s mug. Ugh!

Anyway, back to the plot. Buying Boofuls a new mug, how hard can it be?

Well, very bloody hard indeed actually.

Everywhere we’ve been over the last few weeks that sells cups and mugs has seen us wandering round, picking up mugs and cups of all shapes, sized, colours and weights to have them all declared wrong in some way.

It’s too: fluted/straight/tall/wide/fat/thin/pretty/chunky/heavy/light/pretty/big/wrong handle shaped/bulbous/small/elegant/rough

Seriously. How hard can be it?

It’s turned into a proper mission, on a par with the search for the holy grail. If I found that he’d probably complain it was the wrong shape.

Mad June starts tomorrow, even though it’s still May.  We’ll be working in Wales and it’s an all day wedding so we won’t get home till midnight. Len and Lashes are coming with us to assist during the ceremony because Boofuls is filming it but they still want two photographers, well now they have three.

I’m looking forward to this wedding for many reasons. First it’s in a gorgeous church, second: because I think it’ll be nice having Len and Lashes there. I already know Lashes has a good artistic eye and Len is a  bit of a technician so between them we’ll get some nice photos, and third: the reception has a James Bond theme.

Then it’ll be home to recover for a day and on Monday we’re off to Scotland for a seminar followed  by another wedding next Friday in York. That is pretty much the theme for the whole month so expect me to be a bit quieter than normal on here, I’m going to be physically and mentally exhausted. Never mind, hols on 2nd July!!

The bathroom is finished!  Taadaaaaaaa!!  I’m really pleased with it. I’ll show you some before and after photos when I get a mo to dig the old photos out.

Right. Time to get today started. First I’ll walk Mrs Woofy home, she stayed here last night, then I’ll start on the six million things I have to do today.

Have a nice day y’all.


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