They’re the culprits!

Those little bohydrates riding round in their in their little cars. Should be banned. Banned I say!


I’ll tell you why, dear reader. It’s because these darned  bohydrates  having been using their cars to fly tip loads of fat on my hips- but I’m wise to the little buggers now.

Since following the advice of the woman I don’t really know on the Wednesday walks I’ve stopped permitting access of these bohydrates to my body  and all the excess fat they’ve been dumping on me has been melting away nicely, thank you.  I’ve managed to lose over half a stone. Only another one and a half to go then!

While I was making myself a delicious lunch of chicken breast chopped up with mayonnaise and a fabulous salad the other day I thought it might be nice to season it with a touch of black pepper. I took the 1o0g container of ready ground pepper (I know, lazy) out of the cupboard, flipped the lid and tipped it up. AAARRGGHH!!

I’d only flipped the wrong side of the lid and instead of sprinkling a few nice little tasty morsels of pepper on my plate it deposited half the bottle. Huge mounds of black pepper sat on top of my lovely chicken. I could have cried, not least because I was starving and the thought of waiting any longer to eat wasn’t appealing to me at all.

Shifting all my salad onto another plate I picked up all the tiny bits of chopped chicken and scraped off as much pepper as I could. I mean, I like a pepper steak so why not pepper chicken? Actually, it was quite nice in the end.

So. It’s the Race for Life tonight. I can’t believe it’s a year since the last one.

Last year the sun shone and there was a lovely party atmosphere in the park as thousands of us set off at different speeds for the race while thousands of supporters came to cheer us on. It was brilliant.

The serious runners were all at the front, shaking out their limbs and puffing a lot, next went the joggers, followed by the power walkers, which included me and Gembolina, then came the walkers followed by the strollers.

Race for life

This year the weather is cold, wet and grim. I don’t think I’ll be dressing up in my tutu and fairy wings again, they’ll only get soggy.  Never mind, with the weather being cold that’s a bigger incentive to get round quicker. I hope the aerobic warm up chaps are there again:

Race for LifeWarm up crew?  They certainly warmed me up (smacks lips lasciviously).

Thanks to all those who have sponsored me, I really do appreciate it and it’s not too late for those who haven’t!




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