Race for Life 2011

We did it then!

Race for Life 2011.

2200 women mostly dressed in pink tutus did the 5k walk round the park in Bigtown to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The whole object of the exercise was to raise money for cancer research and raise money it did, £140,000 to be exact – from this one walk alone!

Just think, these walks are going on all over the country, that is a good amount of money being raised to beat a disease that has affected everyone I know in one way or another and I for one was proud to be a part of it.

This is what 2200 women dressed in pink looks like. It was a positive sea of pink tutus, fluffy ears, feather boas and tiaras.

As we lined up to start the race, I was reading the messages that people had put on their backs, the reasons why they were doing it.

It was impossible not to get emotional, especially on those that had photographs of loved ones lost to cancer. Some people walked for a cure, some people walked because they themselves had or have cancer, most walked in memory of those they’d lost, me included.

The number of entrants in the Race for Life has dwindled this year and I’ve heard criticism that of the entry fee not a penny actually goes to cancer research. I would urge those critics to take a look at the sheer number of women here.

This kind of organisation doesn’t come cheap – and believe me there was a lot of organisation and it was done in very best way possible, low key and good natured. The money for all this has to come from somewhere and all of the women I spoke to seemed perfectly happy that their entry fee paid for the  marketing, organisation and the millions of other things that cost money when putting together a nationwide event like this.

The aerobics instructor doing the warm up was Scary Mary herself. In her 70’s, this woman has abs of steel. I’ve never seen a woman as fit!  She shouted at us from the stage MOVE THAT ASS!!!  I would have taken photos but I was to scared to stop doing the routine!!

We warmed up to ‘We are the Champions” by  Queen, good choice.

Amazingly, the rain stayed away and we managed to do the whole walk without getting even a little bit wet, apart from slopping the very welcome bottle of water we were given as we finished all over myself.

Here’s me and Gembolina proudly wearing our medals.

Bring on next year’s race!


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