A pot pourri of..er….stuff

Lots of little bits and peices for you today to get the weekend rolling.

That’s the end of another week and all the kit checked and packed for another wedding tomorrow.  It’s better doing a few in a row, I tend to clam down a bit on the nerves that still have me jumping the day before a wedding.  The responsibility always weighs heavily on me, I mean, it’s not as though we can go and do it all again if we cock it up, is it?

Once I’m there and actually shooting then I’m ‘in the zone’ and having a ball but beforehand I’m a nervous wreck.

Maybe I should just get myself a nice stress free job on a checkout at Tesco or something. Then I wouldn’t have to think about not eating garlic the day before a shoot so I don’t breath noxious fumes on people, not worry about not drinking so I don’t wake up not feeling 100% and not having to check, double check, triple check all the kit so I don’t have a nervous breakdown.  Tesco’s looking good.

Talking of Tesco and shopping, which we weren’t; it’s just a clumsy link into the next bit:

I saw an advert on telly tonight for a soap dispenser you don’t have to touch to get the soap out, “so no more touching nasty germs.”

Oh my God! Am I the only one who’s realised?  When you touch the ‘orrible, germ ridden pump it’s because your about to wash your hands! Who gives a monkey’s if it’s germy, you’ll be getting rid of the buggers in 30 seconds!  Tsk.

Can’t think of a link for this bit so:

Boofuls came dashing, well, you know, when I say ‘dashing’ I mean doing the Dad run that he’s now got off to a fine art, into the living room and in a stage whisper told me that there was a deer in the garden. By garden I mean field.

I grabbed my phone and crept through to the kitchen, and there it was, right in front of the window. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh, it’s Bambi in our garden!

Ten years we’ll have lived here in a couple of months and I’m still amazed and delighted when we see sights like this:

There’s a deer on my drive!  So ask me again why I never really wanted to move away?

Next clumsy link coming up:

Staying with the animal theme, I phoned up the segway company today to book everyone in  and redeem the vouchers they got for Christmas. It was after 5pm and I didn’t really expect anyone to answer and sure enough the answering machine clicked in:

Eeyore, not only Eeyore but Eeyore sounding particularly fed up,  spoke to me. “Helloooooo. Sigh. Thank you for ringing Segway Smiles.  Sigh. You can leave a message if you wish. Sigh”

Haahaaaaaaaa  I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Segway Smiles? He sounded  like he was about to top himself!

We used to have a member of staff like that. She was lovely but on the phone she always sounded so terribly depressed.

Anyway, I digress.  Me and Big N were sharing a laugh about Eeyore when the phone rang and guess who it was? Eeyore!   I recognised his voice. He was actually very personable in real life.  We’ve booked a date for our trip and I can’t wait!!  Boofuls and me became quite hooked on the whole segway thing on holiday.  Ok, it won’t be the same as doing it in St Lucia but I bet it’s going to be ace just the same.

Right. Time to go. I have to check all the kit again for tomorrow’s wedding.


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