Men and women

Did you know that there are certain fundamental differences between men and women?

No, silly. Not THOSE fundamental differences.

I mean differences in the way they think and go about things.

I realised yesterday while I was in the garden shifting some rubble with Boofuls. When I made the mistake of broaching the ‘no go’ subject of the builder and his  not so imminent arrival. Remember him, the builder and the continuing saga of the leaking roof?

Well, that’s still ongoing.

See, if it was me I’d have seen him in court long ago/got a full refund/got other work (that he was capable of doing) in lieu of the money we’d spent/ kicked his arse round the whole of the north west/all of the above.

Boofuls however has a different way of doing it. Two years on TWO YEARS, he’s still ‘chatting about it’.

Chatting? Seriously. Chatting?

Y’see that’s the fundamental difference between men and women.

Women’s approach:  Step one: Think about it. Step two:  Do it.

Men’s approach:

Step one: Think about it.   ( there are too many steps for me to be bothered counting after this one).

Forget it.

Think about it. Register they’ve thought about it. Forget it.

Think about it. Think ‘I must get round to that’. Forget it

Think about it. Make a plan. Forget it.

Think about it. make a definite plan. Forget it.

Go back to step one:

Complain about being nagged for  not doing it and make a plan to get on with it.

Look at job, suck air in through teeth, say, “it’s just not as easy as that. You don’t understand.”

Go to builders yard. Price up materials, complain it’s expensive. Go back to step one.

These steps can be repeated as often as you like until eventually……..after much tearing out of hair and gnashing of teeth and complaining bitterly about half finished jobs from wifey……….job done!

So, chaps. Exactly how many times of us asking you to do things  – and you not doing it  – is it before it becomes nagging?





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