Happy Summer Solstice

Of course it’s lashing down with rain and the sky is as heavy as a heavy thing. It’s cold, ‘orrible and  miserable.  What the  happened to this heatwave that people kept threatening was going to happen?

There won’t be much in the way of wearing flower garlands, jumping over the bonfire and bawdy parties  for this particular Litha festival – not that I’m a pagan but I did learn all about this stuff when I first started this blog as part of my final project for my photogrtaphy degree.

It was funny really, everyone thought I was a witch and dabbling with the dark arts. Silly buggers!  I enjoyed the project though and the photos from the exhibition still hang on the wall at the studio.


Len and Lashes got the shock of their lives the other day when they were standing at their front door chatting to Len’s ‘rents as they left.

Their cat was teararsing up the street as if her life depended on it – as indeed it did as she was being hotly pursued by two frenzied bull terrier type dogs.

Of course the cat ran into the house, followed by these two dogs who proceeded to jump all over the furniture in an attempt to get to the cat. In short, all hell broke loose. It’s no secret that Lashes doesn’t like dogs. She was probably as terrified as the cat who thought she was about to be torn limb from limb – as indeed she would have been if they’d caught her.

Where was the owner of these dogs? Sauntering up the street. When challenged he denied that the dogs were his and continued to saunter, unconcerned at the mayhem that had just unfolded.

Len’s Mum, without thinking, grabbed one of the dogs and literally threw it out of the door which gave the cat a chance to escape. She was lucky not to have been bitten.

All I can say is thank God Munki wasn’t there, two pit bull dogs on a killing spree could easily have turned on a frightened two year old and the consequences of that don’t bear thinking about.

Major rant coming up now so brace yourself. I won’t be offended if you don’t want to read on. There may be words that begin with eff.

Why the fook do people buy dogs that are inherently dangerous and then let them run loose?  Don’t give me that garbage about, ‘he’s not dangerous, he’s really gentle. It’s how you treat them.”  I don’t doubt he is really gentle, most of the time.

However, certain dogs have been specifically bred over the years for different traits, some for retreiving, some for rounding up and some for killing.

I’m sure everything  is fine until the right trigger brings out the trait they  were bred for in the first place, which in the case of bull terriers was bull baiting.

Lets read that again shall we: Bull baiting.

It was actually bred to be aggressive.

Turning a blind eye to these traits that have been bred into them is a stupid and dangerous game. All it takes the the right trigger to bring them to the surface.

When people get a border collie and it tries to round up all the kids in the neighbourhood  the owners will stand there proudly and tell everyone, ” Well, it’s in their nature.” Everyone nods and smiles in agreement.

So why is that that with breeds known to have an aggressive gene  people just conveniently ignore ‘what’s in their nature’. That is crass stupidity in the extreme.

When someone get a dangerous breed as a pet it doesn’t  stop being a dangerous breed because you’re keeping it as a house pet. IT IS IN IT’S NATURE TO KILL!

Denying that fact doesn’t make that fact any less true and is a road to disaster.

Seriously, you don’t look bigger or smarter or a harder man for walking round with a couple of these little killing machines. You look like what you are –  a complete tosser. Grow up and get a life before one of your horrible little dogs takes one.

Obviously, any type of dog can be aggressive as this horrific news story about the little boy attacked by a labrador proves, so the moral of this story really is:




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