Did you mean….?

Everyone hates a smartarse, don’t they?

Everyone hates it even more when the smartarse is a bloody computer!

Just as an aside: Being English of course we say ‘arse’ not ‘ass’ as the Americans do.

I always worry  when I hear anyone threaten to kick a person’s ass as in: “Ah’m a gonna kick yo’ ass.” In my head this person always wears dungarees and has front teeth missing.

In my head it  also conjures up visions in of some  person’s poor  innocent horse type creature being kicked from pillar to post just because of a semantics issue.

Donkey cartoon 04

Image source: By LadyofHats (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Sigh. Language can be tricky sometimes.

So. Back to the plot: smartarse computers.

Being a good girl and trying really hard on my diet (nearly a stone now, thank you) I decided to fill in my ‘weight watchers online’ food tracker.

I’d made potato dauphinoise for tea, for everyone else not for me, but  you have to at least taste it if you’ve made it so  I had the teeniest, tiniest amount imaginable. No mean feat for a greedy sod like me, I can tell you especially since it was damn good.

Anyway, back to the plot. I was trying to find it on the weight watchers food lists.

I typed in ‘potato dauphinoise.’

The computer came back with; ‘did you mean potato dauphonois?’

Hhhmm, didn’t think I spelt it incorrectly but never mind, click ‘yes’.

The computer, quick as a flash  (the quickest thing it’s done all day incidentally, if it was a person I’d fire it)  came straight back with. ‘We can’t find that.’

Nobody loves a smartarse.


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