Ooooooohhhh – A life on the open wave, tee diddle de dum de daaa

Ok, so I don’t know the words – and to be be honest, after all the alcohol I’ve imbibed in the last week I’m surprised I can even remember my own name.

Did we have a good time then? Oh, deary me, yes indeedy.

The good times started the moment we closed our front door and set off on our journey to Southampton to jump on a ship. But I’ m getting ahead of myself.

Since we were both exhausted from our mad work schedule of the previous few weeks we’d decided to take the scenic route to Southampton and stop overnight in The City of Dreaming Spires, otherwise known as Oxford.

I’ve never been to Oxford before, it was part of Boofuls’ old stamping ground before he moved north. I can’t believe he’s never wanted to go back, it’s beeeyoootiful!!!

We hopped onto a tourist bus with the American and Japanese people and enjoyed a ride round the city before stopping of for the obligatory afternoon cream tea at a local establishment.

I kept seeing  ladies dressed like the quintessential English lady in flowered tea dresses and straw hats bedecked with ribbons and posies. ‘Oh, how quaint’, I thought. ‘It’s like the 1940’s in Oxford’ It was only when these quintessentially English ladies opened their mouths that I realised they were all American tourists. The real English ladies dressed quite normally for the 21st century.

These Americans have some funny ideas about how we live over here. I bet they all think we dress for dinner every night!

Mind you, the students were a sight for sore eyes. We’d got there on the day of what I’m assuming was the end of term party. I have to tell you that no matter what the occasion, students in our town never look like this:

He didn’t really have a  white face and walk round looking like the phantom of the opera, I did that to protect his privacy.

They didn’t all look  him though.

We also saw this chap:

Don’t ask me what it was he was carrying, it looked a bit like a time machine.

We finished off our day in Oxford with  visit to the Oxford Playhouse to see a play by Alan Bennett, ‘The Lady with the Van.’ If you haven’t seen it you must, it’s hysterical.

So, other than the crap meal we had, that was Oxford. I think I may have to visit there again.

Next time we’ll find a different hotel though. The one we stayed in this time was ok except that the bed was hand built by midgets for midgets. Cosy in the extreme, I spent half the night hanging on to the edge like a bat. I’d like to say while Boofuls spread himself out luxuriously but that’s just not true. He had to hang on to the other side like a bat just to try and stay in the thing, it was so small.

We’d just about got ourselves settled and asleep when the fire alarm went off.


We both leapt out of bed wearing nothing but our birthday suits. I was scrabbling around trying to find my clothes. Boofuls however went about things a different way. He decided that the best course of action would be  to put all the lights on and then throw the curtains wide open  – so everyone in the vicinity copped an eyeful of me in in my bare scud.

Thanks for that, Boofuls.

All in all not the best nights sleep I’ve ever had.

I’ll fill you in on more later. It’s very difficult typing while the desk and room seems to be moving. I’ll be back when my ‘sea legs’ have worn off a bit.







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