Twelfth Night

On one of our  Wednesday evening walks recently we found ourselves in the grounds of Turton Tower, a local historical building.

Turton Tower


As we yomped through the grounds  at a brisk pace I happened to see a poster for anoutdoor production of Billy Waggledagger’s ‘Twelfth Night’. “Oooh, that sounds good, shall we go?”  It’s not really Boofuls’ cup of tea and neither is my walking buddy’s hubby’s cup of tea so the plan was to make it a girly night.

Oh, it seemed like such a good idea at the time. ‘Bring a picnic’, it said. It conjured up visions on balmy summer nights, champagne and strawberries while we relaxed on the picnic blanket enjoying the play in the beautifully manicured grounds of the tower. Heavenly.

The day started  off well enough. the sun shone and shone and shone until late afternoon when it stopped shining and started glowering.

Undeterred, I dipped a few strawberries in chocolate and put together  a picnic of gruyere cheese straws, pork pie, rose wine and some fudge. I packed the picnic blanket and dressed for a summer evening on the lawn.

Ten minutes later I put on a pair of jeans, boots, a fleece and packed a raincoat and large umbrella as the sky had turned black and the rain lashed down. Right on cue, the phone rang. “It’s pouring down here, what do you think?”

“Let’s do it.”

So we did.

As we arrived we saw a woman dancing in the rain with her umbrella and a huge smile on her face. “Welcome, welcome, enjoy the show!”  You couldn’t help but be in a good mood after that. Another lady on seeing we didn’t have chairs to sit on directed us to the nearest bench and instructed us on exactly where to put it right at the edge of the stage (which was actually a bit of string marking out where the play would take place) so we would get the best view.

Ok, the rain ponchos worn by the actors and the umbrellas they carried made it a bit harder  initially to get into the characters and the plot but once we were there we enjoyed an hysterically funny play, brilliantly acted in difficult circumstances. If you get chance to go and see them them do because they were excellent. Here’s the link for their show schedule for this year.

The rain let up for about twenty minutes throughout the whole performance, just long enough for the thousands of midges to come out and make a meal of every bit of bare flash they could find. Thank God I’d had the foresight to pack the insect repellant, thanks to Leni for the tip.

Even after a good of spray of Jungle Formula, the midges  hovered about an inch away, huge clouds of them looking for unprotected flesh to have a munch on, it was a relief when the rain started again and they all buggered off.

What a fantastic evening. Even my glass of wine never became empty though the wine might have got a bit weaker.

That’s my friend sitting there on the bench on the left getting settled in ready for the show.

There was a woman in the tent singing to keep us entertained before the show started. What an amazing voice she had, like an angel.

It was a very different way to spend a Friday night, the rain didn’t spoil it at all. I can’t wait till they do another one, I’ll be there, rain or not!


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