Put the ark on hold!

Can you flippin’ Adam and Eve it?

Since it hasn’t stopped throwing it down since Friday I decided that I’d better start building an ark, I mean it was looking really serious, I don’t think I’ve ever known such heavy rain for such a long period. There was serious danger of drowning just walking to the car.

Well!  I only goes and buys in all the wood, get up this morning and it’s bloody stopped raining! Can you believe that?! What am I going to do with all this wood now?

Wood for the Ark

Hhhmmph. I suppose Boofuls could use it to fix the floor in the studio. It went a bit spongy and springy in places after our burst pipe at new year.

I was a but surprised yesterday morning when the builder (different one) turned up wearing a sou’ wester to start work on the patio. Crikey. A builder turning up when they’re due is notable enough but one turning up to work in the rain is almost miraculous. I shouldn’t have got too excited though, he only dropped off his cement mixer and left again.

Yesterday afternoon I spent in the studio carrying out tests on one of my cameras and various flash guns. I’ve been aware of a problem for some time when I’ve been using the flash and now I’ve worked out it’s the electronics on the camera that’s the issue. NNOOOOOOO!!!!!!  How expensive it that going to be to fix?

That reminds me. At a recent wedding I think it’s fair to say some of the guests were getting a bit merry. While I was shooting some candids one of the guests suggested that he take a photo of me. ‘Oh bloody hell’, I thought,  never happy about letting my camera out of my hands.  Anyway, I let him have a go, making sure the strap was safely round his neck,  and this was the result:

Wedding party

I have absolutely no idea where that hand came from!!  It’s fair to say that we had a good laugh that day but I’m glad all weddings aren’t like that, my nerves couldn’t stand it. I never knew what was going to happen next! Got some good, if unpublishable, photos though.

Oh! Hang on! It’s raining again. I’d better go and crack on building that ark.



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