Incredible likeness

On the very day   that it’s in the news about Rudolf  Hess’s remains having  been exhumed,  Munki draws us a picture. Does it remind you of anyone?

Ve haf vays off making you swim!

And while we’re on the subject of incredible likenesses; I saw this story today about an executed  murderer in America. I was stunned at the likeness to someone I know, you may know him as the person I used to refer to as TTF. They do say that everyone has a double.

Boofuls and me are away for the weekend, going to stay with our friends who live in a stately home, well, kinda. They actually live in a flat in the grounds that doesn’t sound anywhere near as grand, does it?  So. This weekend we’ll be hobbing and nobbing  ( ooh, cheeky!)  with the hoi polloi. I’d better go and get me a Barbour jacket.


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