I learnt a valuable lesson the other day.

I learnt that using your hand as a trowel when laying cement is a really bad thing as it makes your skin drop off.

Boofuls had been building the stone wall down by the new pergola, or as lashes calls it, our gay-zebo, and since there was likely to be a fair amount of cement left over I took it on myself to do some repairs to the path. Fiddly job, filling in al the gaps between the stones and generally trying to make it a safer place to walk.

The previous owner of our house laid crazy paving everywhere but I done’ think he realised that ‘crazy paving ‘ means its a random stone pattern not that it should be at all heights and angles, while I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a death trap but it is most certainly very dangerous.

Finding it quicker and easier to use my hand as a scoop and a trowel I’ve since ended up with huge patches of raw skin on my hands and all the skin is flaking off my palms. Not only that but it’s too painful to get a nailbrush round so I still have cement under and round my nails, a difficult look to do well.


One of our neighbour’s held a ‘candle party’ last night.  She holds these parties at ridiculously regular intervals and it’s always a heart sink moment when yet another invitation drops through the letterbox.  Working on the basis that between her and her sister they have spend several hundred pounds with me recently I did feel a bit obliged to go to this one.

About half way through I do believe I lost the will to live. Distant droning about ‘food grade wax’ drifted gently into my consciousness as I fought to keep my eyes open and look interested.  Eventually though the droning stopped and I was able to place a ‘show willing’ order and make a sharp exit. Duty done.  I hate these parties!

It did however give me the idea of doing a ‘ladies’ evening at the studio at some point before Christmas to drum up some business. What do you think? Good idea or not?


The last three days has seen me threatening to start with some kind of lurgy.I can always tell I’m going to come down with something when my eardrums start to ITCH. AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!! It’s been driving me crazy!

It’s  a relief when the lurgy arrives and the itching stops.

So this is me today: coughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughsneezesneezesneezecough cough and occasionally a combination of the two which makes me laugh.

It’s not bad enough to stop me doing anything especially since I got a call yesterday to say the German dance shoes have arrived so I’ll be popping over for them this morning, lurgy or not. I’ll do as my Mum always used to do, take a couple of paracetamol, she used to take  ’em as a general pick me up.  I’m not sure about that but it hopefully I’ll lose the headache and sore throat at least.

Right, Got to go and get showered and ready to meet the world, and my new dance shoes. have a nice day, y’all.



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