Recovering from the stress

Wednesday already? How did that happen?

I earmarked all of this week to get on with my lesson plans for next week as I’m teaching a photography course at the library  all next week.  here we are at Wednesday and I haven’t even strted them yet.  We have a wedding tomorrow and I’m off with my friend I let down last week on Friday, I daren’t let her down again so I’d better get my head down and get on with them all today.

Where does all the time go?

So. Catch up. Sunday. Oh dear Lord, Sunday.

We had a big wedding booked, eleven hours coverage, lots of guests. We drafted in Lashes to help.

The day went without a hitch. The bride and groom were lovely and we were having a ball. We’d even been told that our meal had been upgraded and we were eating the same as the wedding party. Leek and potato soup, roast beef and sticky toffee pudding.  Mmmmmmm.   That’s better than sandwiches by a country mile.

As we plonked ourselves down gratefully and waited for our meal to arrive I picked up my camera to review what I’d taken so far. In my estimation about 700 photos.

I presed the review button and up popped the last image I’d taken,  as normal. What wasn’t normal was the little note at the top which said 1/1.

WHAAAAT!?  One image? I’ve been shooting for five hours!

“Oh nooooo!!!!”

I scrolled to see the rest of the images but the last image stayed steadfastly on the screen with the 1/1 message.

At exactly that point the groom came over to us to congratulate us on doing a marvellous job, “We just can’t wait to see the pictures.”

“No, neither can I.”  I said with a huge smile that belied the pounding of my heart and the throbbing at my temple. I felt on the verge of fainting. A corrupt card is a wedding photographer’s worst nightmare – and I was living it.

‘All those lovely photos. Gone.  Their whole wedding! Then the realisation: Oh my God!  I’m going to  get sued! Am I? I  wasn’t negligent. Was I? Was it my fault? Did I do something wrong? ‘ The thoughts raced round and round in my head, each one shouting at me louder than the last one.

What a waste of leek and potato soup, roast beef and sticky toffee pudding, I hardly noticed it in my misery. I could see from Boofuls’ face that he wasn’t feeling any better than I was.

Being too far away from home to be able to go and download it and  still get back for the speeches we had no choice but to put the rogue card away safely and carry on working.

The rest of the day saw me running round over bright and jolly and trying to reshoot everything again without anyone noticing – as well as all  handle the usual post wedding breakfast requests. “Can I have a photo with….”

” ‘Course you can, that’s what I’m here for. Snuggle up, Big smiles!”

Basically, I ran round like a mad cow with my eyes rolling round in my head and my heart pounding like it was going to burst for the rest of the day.

We arrived home about 10pm. I headed straight for the office and put the rogue card on to download.

It downloaded 700 photographs.  I wept.




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