Rain stops play

The plan for today was to go to Hoghton Tower and listen to jazz while having a picnic on the lawn. Since the rain has been lashing down for about four days now I don’t think that a picnic on the lawn is a particularly good idea. in any case Boofuls has reminded me that he’s off to Oxford today for a meeting tomorrow so I’d only be sat there like a gooseberry with the kids anyway. Sigh. I was looking forward to that   – the jazz, not the sitting there like a gooseberry.

What to do instead then? ooohh, the possibilities are endless.

There are two weddings to get processed and the proof books uploaded, a new sample album to design. Fine tune my lesson plans for next week,  find a fab photo or two to have on the display at the wedding fairs, design a new display banner,……yawn, yawn, yawn. I wanna have some FUN *stamps foot*.

So revised plan: Have a chat with you, process weddings and upload proof books, fine tune lesson plans, go for a wet walk with Mrs Woofy, go and see my sister, play on the Wii with my new ‘get fit with zumba’. Zumba! Love it!

That sounds like a much better plan to me and I’ve even built in a sensible to bit avoid panics later in the week. I must actually be growing up a bit and becoming more responsible.

Boofuls and me went dancing last night. Well, to be more accurate, we went sitting and watching for most of the evening while couples gallumphed round the floor doing sequence dancing. I use the term ‘dancing’  laughingly as there was no way it could possible be described as dancing. Even describing it as gallumphing is generous as that at least implies some kind of energetic movement. This lot, with the exception of one couple, barely shuffled round the floor.

As total strangers in a room full of people who know each other we stood out like a sore thumb. We got some funny looks as we sat ….and sat…….. and sat………. waiting for some ballroom dancing.  Occasionally threw us a few crumbs, ‘Go on then. You can have a foxtrot, just the one, mind.’  Over a three hour period we managed a total of five dances. Each ballroom dance being followed by four sequence dances.

And they diddled us!  After suffering a huge bout of sequence they stopped for the tea break (God! We know how to live!!). By my reckoning we were due to start with a ballroom dance. What did we get? Another four sodding sequence jobs! Dagnabbit woman, play something that involves actually dancing!!!

The pain to pleasure ratio was all wrong so after doing a quick reckon up about 10.40 we worked out that at best we’d only get one more dance in before the end so we made a sharp exit. “Did you enjoy yourselves?” asked the dance leader. Not so you’d notice, I wanted to growl at her but I kept it polite. Oh well, it was worth a try. Probably won’t go back.




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