Since when did we share custody?

Tomorrow morning is the start of  my annual summer school big teach at the library.

This year I’m going to do it a bit differently and concentrate more on photography than on photoshop as the library’s facilities in that department are a little, let’s say limited.

We never know how many kids are going to turn up on these events and it’s all a bit ‘play it by ear’ but even so, I like to have a plan and spent a large part of last week creating lesson plans and trying out a couple of activities I had planned on the clingons.  Not that they knew I was testing my lesson out on them. I just threw it out that they might like to spend a couple of hours playing in the studio with the lights, being on my side of the camera for once and they jumped at the chance. My fiendish plan worked perfectly.

All that’s left to do is put a couple  slideshows onto my laptop. First a slideshow of nicely composed ‘this is what a good photo looks like’ photos and another of common mistakes, trees growing out of heads and that sort of thing.  That was my plan for this morning, before Munki arrives for her afternoon play date.

Sounds like a good plan, eh? Sounds all nicely organised, eh?  What could possibly go wrong?

Boofuls. That’s what.

He’s only been and gone and buggered off to his meeting in Oxford and taken my laptop with him! Craparoony!!!

What am I going to do now?  When did we decide we had shared custody of my laptop?  I wouldn’t mind but he only wants it so he can go an Skype and I need it for actual work!

Nothing ever runs smoothly, does it? Maybe we need his and hers laptops. Oh well, I suppose it’s give me the morning back, I’ll pay for it tonight when he gets home though (and so will he!).


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