Flash, flash, flash

I spent the whole of today with a bunch of flashers! There wasn’t a single dirty raincoat in sight though.

I’ve been willing the BIPP to do a seminar on flash techniques and they obviously picked up on my vibe and provided one.  Ok, their timing was a bit out, I have far too much work on at the moment to spare a whole day out but I wasn’t going to pass it up.  I’ll just have to work twice as hard tomorrow and Friday to make up for it.

Never one to pass up and opportunity for a bit of ‘couple time’ Boofuls said he’d come along as well so we decided to go down yesterday and stay overnight at the brilliant Queen Hotel in Chester.   Good food, good wine and good company. We had a brilliant evening and woke up raring to go and ever so slightly hung over.

Breakfast in hotel was exciting. Using the conveyor belt toaster, you know the ones, you put your bread on the revolving rack at one end and it spits it out at the other all nicely toasted. That’s the plan anyway.

My toast arrived at the end of it’s journey as white as it started out. “Hhhmm’, I thought , I’ll put it in for another session.’

Just at that a very assertive woman arrived, noticed what I’d done and took it on herself to turn the power up. Ten seconds later smoke started to pour out of the toaster as my breakfast went up in flames. Thick smoke bellowed out of the toaster as me and the woman, slightly more flustered than assertive at this stage, waved our arms about  in an attempt to prevent the smoke alarms going off.

” I’m terribly sorry, would you like a piece of my toast to replace yours?”  she said as the blackened and charred remains of my breakfast tumbled out of the toaster.

It’s no way to start the day.


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