Never ending

The sun shone for most of yesterday. Where was the builder?

Nowhere to be bloody seen, that’s where.

A garbled message reached me that he didn’t want to come as it was going to rain during the night so the patio would be like a paddy field and he’d come tomorrow instead.

What? You want it to be like a paddy field? I would have thought it would all be far easier if it was dry, but what do I know?

He turned up today and did a bit more. It seems to be never ending patio job. Starting to wish we’d never bothered.

here are a few photos so you can see the progress:












Looking good, eh?


Just to cheer me up I took a few flower photos:

Ok, that’s not stictly speaking a flower photo, more a field of wheat but I liked it.

The clingons are getting creative with their photography. batty took this photo of DD in the studio:

While I was out walking with Mrs Woofy the other night there was a lovely misty sunset. I took this using the  redscale setting:


Do you like my new umbrella?  It’s one of two – I’ll show you the other one another time – and my beautiful new purse.


raining cats and dogs



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