Fun weekend

As you already know, me and Boofuls are always keen to keep up to date with what’s going on in the photography  industry and with that in mind we have been busily updating our wedding packages as well as getting new products to show you and changing the proof books and albums, hence it’s been a bit quiet on here for a while.

In fact, we’ve pretty much finished our  total spring clean now and everything is all sparkly and new.

This week we took ourselves off to Chester for some professional development, it’s always good to keep the skills honed, and spent a few hours with some other professional photographers learning a few new tricks and comparing kit.

Honestly, we photographers are such geeks, we see a new bit of kit and decide we can’t live without it even though we’ve been very happily managing without it up till that point. Next thing on the want list is a radio transmitter as my infra red transmitter is a bag of poo.

The seminar itself was brilliant. It was all about using the flash off camera. A posse of photographers and a trio of models worked our way round Chester city centre on Wednesday, stopping every minute or so with a cry of “Ooh, this looks fab, let’s shoot here.”

What? That was just me? Oh. Crap.

Anyway, moving swiftly on.

This morning, being a non work day, was just crying out for me to get out shooting and trying out the new stuff. Lashes modelled for me and we went to a location I’ve had my eye on for quite some time, all cruddy and lovely, just how I like it. You can keep your  pretty trees and flowers, give me a nice urban location any day.

As well as perfecting my new flash technique I also had to quickly perfect the technique of  leaping out of the road as cars sped  by every five seconds.  Many of them tooting their horns, shouting and waving, at Lashes, not me.  I always thought that was a quiet road. How wrong can you be!  Lashesof course loved the attention, can’t accuse her of being shy. I also used my brand new talking light stand aka Boofuls to position the flash in the correct place for me. Damn useful, that, having a a light stand that moves itself!

The last three pics were shot in the barn at home. For those of you who don’t like urban locations you might find them a bit easier on the eye.

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