Wet Bank Holiday Weekend

So go on then. Congratulate us.

I know you know it’s not our wedding anniversary or birthday or anything but congratulate us anyway

What for?

It’s ten years this weekend since we moved into this house. August bank holiday 2001 we moved her with big plans for renovation and landscaping.  None of that came to fruition for all sorts of reasons, and it’s been a roller coaster ten years but I’m glad we’re still here.

Why would you want to live somewhere modern, clean, efficient, handy for town, on a road and inexpensive to run when you can live somewhere in the middle of nowhere, old, cold, draughty, expensive and in need of a lot of work?

I love this house with all it’s quirks.

The weekend we moved in was a gloriously hot weekend. All our friends came and helped us move, we had a barbeque and a few beers  and a good laugh when all the work was done. Life was good.

Bit different to this weekend, it’s cold wet and miserable but we’ve still managed to have fun.

Boofuls and me went to our local outdoor clothing shop while it has a sale on to start getting our kit ready for the next Big Adventure in January.  Boofuls tried on a coat you put on like a jumper:

Think you might need a bigger size, love

Friday was supposed to be the day of Boofuls’ hot air balloon ride. Sadly, the weather was against us and it didn’t happen. To be honest I was a bit relieved as we were so knackered after al the weeks traumas we just needed to have a nice, quiet evening to ourselves.

Saturday was the big segway adventure. All the clingons were shipped off to various grandparents and the remaining seven of us set off in Boofuls’ car to Runcorn.  The segways were fantastic. The rain, not so much. The sun did come out from time to time and we saw this lovely rainbow while we were on the motorway. The end of the rainbow was just in front of us but we couldn’t catch it and get the pot of gold. Dagnabbit!


The end of the rainbow

Boofuls and me had the first ride as we’d done it before and did the intermediate course. The rain was dripping off the rend of our noses but we didn’t care. It added another dimension to the ride.  I look like a hamster in that helmet!

Segway ride in the rain

While we rode round the woods the kids sat snuggly and warm in the cafe and waited for us to get back.

All too soon it was their turn. Right on cue the rain began to lash down as they stood and listened to the safety briefing and began their training. Lashes first. It’s not often I see her look nervous but she soon got over it and was zipping round the training course in no time, swiftly followed by Gembolina, Len, the Rev and finally Big N.  Here they are as they  set off for their ride through the woods.

I’m not saying it was raining  a lot of anything:

rainy segway ride

Poor Gembolina!

After the ride we went out for a spot of lunch at a nearby gastro pub, it was fab. Most of the family went for various gourmet burgers. Lashes and me had the mixed meze and Len had a nice honey and chicken pate. One large glass of wine later and all I wanted was to curl up on my settee and go to sleep. Shame we had an hours drive home first. Saturday evening we went out for dinner with Len’s Mum.

We went to a pub called,  The Ranken Arms. Munki asked me where we were, or as she puts it: Where we are?”  so of course I told her, ‘The Ranken Arms.”  What a shame she  speaks like the two year old she is  and  spent the whole evening telling people we were in the ‘ wankin arm’.  So funny.

On Sunday we went to Samlesbury Hall for the annual medieval skirmish. The weather wasn’t particularly nice to us but that didn’t stop us having fun. Boar and vvenison sausages? What’s not to love?  It was worth going just for that! Shame about the weather though, it really does need a nice day, this event. Lashes, Len and Munki went and sat in the bar to get out of the cold and then ended up leaving early, getting their car stuck in the mud as they left. It took a rescue team of three to unstick them.

Samlesbury Hall

 A break in the rain!!!

Fairy Princess?

Our friend is on holiday from Dublin with his family so they came with us. I think they got into the swing of it all ok.

Where did you get that hat?


The magician made a a super new hat for our friend’s daughter. I think it might be a bit on the big side.

Stilt man

Impressive cod piece. Looked a bit like a droopy nappy to me but who am I to question what’s what?

All in all it wasn’t a bad old weekend. Boofuls and me are off to see ‘Planet of the Apes’ tonight to round the weekend off nicely. that’s if I can wake him up. At the moment he’s supposed to be watching a James Bond film but judging by the noises coming from his direction I’d say he’s fast asleep. Just can’t stand the pace!


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