Seriously, Friday? Again? How?

It’s another busy day today so this’ll be a short one just so’s you know I haven’t forgotten about you all and I still love you.

Mrs Woofy’s on the mend and back to her normal bonkers self, except that she’s twice as dangerous with a big neck cone on. Shins and knees come in for a big old bashing when she’s around and trying to entice me into taking her for a walk. Not yet, dog. Another few weeks yet.

While on the subject of the dog – I have a major rant I need to get off my just but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Today I’m taking the clingons to a local nature reserve for a craft session. The plan was that we’d go out for a picnic after but the promised dry, warm and sunny weather  doesn’t seem to have understood it’s instructions and has turned up as cold, damp and windy. Oh well.

Yesterday’s dance lesson was brilliant. After fifteen years our teacher and me have finally persuaded Boofuls to try the paso doble.  Up until now he’s always put it in the same category as the merengue ie. a no go area but yesterday we had our first lesson and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’m not quite sure we have quite got the feel of the dance yet. Boofuls seemed to be a little too gentle as a matador. Our teacher soon put him right though with by bellowing across the hall, “You’re supposed to be fighting a bull not a foooking Oxo cube! Get some aggression into it!”

Such a way with words. It’s only last week when we were dancing the tango and I wasn’t in exactly the correct position so I was told that the way to dance the tango correctly is to, “Sit on his cock and go for the ride.”   Well. Not a lot a can say to that!

Have a nice day. See you tomorrow!



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