…..and turn and smile

So Lashes did her second modelling assignment last night, another wedding fair catwalk show, this time to a much bigger but somewhat less enthusiastic audience.

The music was provided by a dj with a laser display and he was obviously keen to show it off by projecting images of various creatures onto the wall behind him which is also where the models walked in to the room.

Just as one girl walked in a huge elephant was flashed up on the wall behind her. What’s he trying to say? I thought.  I’m not sure if the models were aware of this laser light show. I must say I did feel sorry for this particular model who flinched a bit as she heard a small child blurt out “Look at the massive elephant, Mummy!”  I bet that’s put her well on her on her way to Anorexiaville.

Walking in to pretty butterflies wafting round the wall is one thing but elephants and crabs? really?   It provided me and the other photographer I was stood near  with a constant source of amusement as the show was on. We hardly noticed the dresses at all as we were too busy  laughing at the various creatures appearing on the walls.

Boofuls and me were exhibiting last night. What a busy  evening. We were run off our feet all night and made a booking there and then. Unheard of to book on the night!  I wish we could do that every time.





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