And meltdown will occur in five, four, three, two………..

Fair to say that the last two weeks have been stressful in the extreme.  I’ve managed to deal with crisis after crisis, heavy workloads, emotional trauma and financial plate spinning with relative ease, even surprising myself at times.

Of course there had to be a straw which broke the camel’s back. Guess who put it there? Poor unsuspecting Boofuls.

He made an innocent remark about something or other as we were driving which caused me to spend the next three hours in tears.

I knew it was imminent, this meltdown. It had signalled it’s arrival by causing me to lose the ability to string a cohesive sentence together.  It’s a  sure sign of an imminent  meltdown  when everyday words, sit in a corner of my brain shouting, ‘I’m not coming out. Find a different word!’ That’s all very well when there is an alternative but if the word you’re after is a noun then you’re kind of screwed and left sitting there crying, “Oh for God’s sake! What’s the fecking word?”

It seems my sister is similarly afflicted when she finds herself under duress.

Anyway, back to the plot, now I’m emotionally capable of following one:

Boofuls sat there bemused in the car park of the local camping shop where we were heading to buy our coat for the Big Adventure in January while I sobbed and ranted at him for nothing in particular.  There’s never a box of tissues handy when you need one, is there? I was having to make do with a scrap of serviette I found in my pocket from a previous lunch outing. With tears and snot everywhere it was hardly adequate but it had to do as there was no way I was going into that shop in search of tissue looking like my face had just exploded.

Eventually, when I’d calmed down sufficiently, we left the car park and went home, shopping trip postponed. My sister came up to visit bringing with her her own tales of woe and the three of us  sat in the cold, dank and slightly drizzly garden, drank coffee and  put the world straight. Even managing to have a laugh at some of the events of the last few weeks. Meltdown over.

Last night we went out for dinner with one of my college friends and her husband.   I would rather have stayed in, got my pj’s on  and and watched crap telly all night but it’s been ages since we saw them and I didn’t want to let them down at the last minute so I got my act together and got mentally prepared. That sounds terrible. They are a really nice couple, the problem was me, not them. Just so’s you know.

Getting ready to go I’d put on my favourite dress to cheer myself up and was searching round in one of my drawers for a clean hanky. I found one and then got distracted trying on different necklaces with my dress. Halfway downstairs I realised I’d left the hanky so back up I went to get it. Not on the bed, not on the dressing table. Not on the chest of drawers.  Odd.

I’d only gone and taken it out of the drawer, used it and then absentmindedly put it back in the drawer! EEEEEW! Disgusting!

At the restaurant we ordered our food  with the very young and pretty but ever so slightly dim waitress, spicy crab cake and roast beef for me. Then we ordered the wine.

“A bottle of white zinfandel, please.”  The waitress looked at us for a moment as if unsure what we were asking for then looking at our ages must have deduced that it was a wine. She picked up the wine list and scrutinised it, running her finger up and down the list several times, brow furrowed with concentration. Eventually Boofuls helpfully stepped in with “It’s a rose.”  “Oh! That’d do it!” She flipped the wine list  over  and located the wine fairly quickly after that. Made me laugh. More training required I think.

For any foodie bloggers who happen to read this you don’t need to tell me. I know white zinfandel is a terrible choice of wine with spicy crab cakes and roast beef  – I was going for comfort food and my brain was most certainly not up to any kind of thinking about which wine of food complimented each other. I just wanted it quick, tasty and plentiful. And that’s what I got.

We’re exhibiting again today. Huge hotel in Preston. I suppose I’d better get my act together and get moving. Have a nice Sunday, everyone.


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