Feeling hot, hot, hot

Blimey O’ Reilly! I think I’m going to melt, it’s so hot. What’s going on? If this is global warming then ‘ll take it, thanks. (Only joking! BACK OFF!!)

The temperatures been hitting 25 degrees every day this week, it’s positively tropical.

Of course the builder, who has been rained off umpteen times since he started work on the patio has decided, now that the sun’s shining, to go and work on another job for a week. Ask me how happy I am. Go on. Ask me – I dare you.

The full force of my wrath landed on his scrawny little shoulders on Monday when he came up to collect his cement mixer and realised to his horror that I was at home. Thirteen weeks this two week job has been going on for now.

Thirteen! Count ’em!  Ggggrrrrrrfeckingggrrrrrrrr!!!!

So. Moving on.

Wednesday night was fun. A couple we barely know who exhibit at the same wedding fairs as us invited us to go as their guests to see Peter Kay.   Lucky us! I couldn’t believe our luck. Peter Kay is one of my favourite comedians. Click on the link and take a look round his t’internet site. It’s worth it just for the photographs and the hand written notes.

The show was amazing. My face ached, my stomach ached and I hadn’t got one laugh out before the next one was forcing it’s way out over the top of it. I nearly choked with laughter – as did the thousands of other people at the MEN Arena on Wednesday. All I can say is THANK YOU A MLLION TIMES to the florists for the tickets. Just what I needed after a grim and miserable couple of weeks.  Did you notice I hadn’t been my normal, cheery self?

While I was halfheartedly getting on with some work the other day I noticed my diary and realised that it’s nearly October. I know! Let’s have an Oktoberfest!  Yeah, yeah, I knwo the temperature is ludicrously hot and it’s suppossed to be an autumn thing but we’ll improvise.

Beer, bockwurst, bratwurst, frankfurters and strudel have been bought and the Boofuls’ gay-zebo trimmed up with bunting in readiness for the fun tomorrow. All I need to do know is learn how to make dumpling and sauerkraut,  get a few kazoos and download the birdie song. Just in case you want to join in, here it is:

I’m not sure that bird in the black tee shirt in the middle has quite got the hang of it but full marks for effort, dear.

Ok. I’m going to try on my lederhosen.


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