Fun fun fun all the way

So here we are at the end of the wedding fair season, relatively unscathed.  As I predicted, Sunday was eventful – just not for the reasons I predicted.

As we arrived at the hotel, with exactly one hour before the fair started, we discovered that the room we had been allocated  was still being used for breakfast.

Oh happy day!

We stood around and waited as large round tables were dismantled and rectangular tables were brought in to replace them.  Various suppliers were climbing over the debris of the dining room with armfuls of whatever their chosen product was. There was a lot of sighing, huffing, puffing and scowling going on and I’m sure I heard the odd curse being uttered as well. Other than that it was fairly quite and intense.

Watching the wedding cakes people come in was interesting as they had to weave, swerve and tiptoe around while carrying large, heavy and unwieldy cakes while  the round tables were being rolled out of the room by people who couldn’t see where they were going. It was a bit like ten pin bowling in reverse with the skittles having to run away from the ball.

What a few minutes earlier had been a sophisticated and elegant dining room looked for a brief time like a bomb had fallen on it. Amazingly, it was only for a brief time , in about ten minutes out of the chaos came some order and we were able to start setting up our display.

Since this photo was taken we’ve added more lights, some nice clip on halogen lights.

I got on with unpacking the albums and banner while Boofuls got on with the electrics. We’ve invested in some new display lights and our stand is lit up like Jodrell Bank when it’s all turned on. You certainly can’t miss us.

Suddenly I heard a loud clatter and a bang. ‘What the hell….?’

Then I heard it again about 30 seconds later this time followed by a loud curse.

“What’s going on Boofuls?”

He’d been attaching the lights to the roll up banner  and not attached the top of the banner correctly so it fell down. Then he did it again. Butterfingers! The trouble was that because the banner had lights attached it didn’t roll, it just fell to the floor and got creased, dented and generally rendered unusable. Once the lights were on it it showed up every dent perfectly. Imagine my joy. A bit of creative lighting got us through the day with it but it’s bin fodder now, I’m afraid. Oh well, it was due for replacing.

The day was busy, as we expected. Lots of good contacts and genuine interest – and a cake stand right next to us with lots of yummy samples. That always helps to cheer me up.

Now I don’t know if you’re familiar with the workings of a wedding fair but halfway through the day they put on a fashion show. Once the show’s over people generally clear off home so it’s pretty much all over.

I’d gone into the other room to check how many people were left and if it was getting close to packing up time. As I came back towards our room I could smell burning.

It’s never a good thing, a smell of burning.

As I was standing next to the table decorator’s display at the time and she had candles burning I gave it a quick once over to make sure it wasn’t her display.

It wasn’t

“Can you smell burning?” I enquired. “Ooh, I can. I wonder where that’s coming from?’

We soon found out.

One of our new halogen lights had become loose and fallen onto one of the albums. Boofuls was across the room at the time but spotted and dealt with it in seconds. This is the damage done in about 15 seconds to one of our albums.

burnt album


burnt album


burnt album


Three pages in a few seconds!

Oh. My. God.

It doesn’t bear thinking about what would have happened if he hadn’t been in the room.  I think those lights can go in the bin and I’ll get some that run a bit (a lot) cooler for next season.

Luckily it was towards the end of the day we we didn’t have to hang around much longer. I’m not sure my frazzled nerves could have stood it much longer to be honest. I was near to tears at this point.

I think we both needed a bit of light relief after that so economising or not we decided  ‘sod it’  we’re going to treat ourselves to dinner out and a couple of glasses of wine just to help us unwind.

That was exactly what we needed and you’ll be glad to hear that  that part of the day at least  was completely uneventful.

What a weekend, I’m glad it’s all over.




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